Nat's New York Pizzeria

  A few months ago I could still tolerate (some forms of) dairy. All I can do now is rue the fact that I didn't consume a year's worth of pizza when I had the chance. *Sigh*

  This visit to Nat's was from a few months back - back when I was still able to eat pizza! I know...what's life without pizza?

  ...utterly meaningless I tell ya. Utterly meaningless.

  "You don't know what you have until it's gone."

  The first time I went I ordered 4 slices of pizza, and the guy at the counter was like "That's not all for you right?" and I was like "Oh, of course not." ;)

  I really like Nat's. Nat's is a New York style pizzeria in Kits (they have another location downtown!) They're famous for their huge slices of thin crust pizza!

  If you're planning on coming here during lunch on a weekday be warned - Nat's is PACKED, and I mean packed (I could barely breathe) with kids from the nearby high school!


4/5 stars

  Okay, my memory's a little fuzzy (this was from a while back) but if I recall correctly, this was my favourite out of the 4 that I tried! This also happens to be their signature flavour! The pizza is super thin and crispy, with a thin layer of cheese on top!! The cheese is melty and gooey, and super fragrant! The tomato sauce is really tomatoey, and not bland at all!

Classic Pep
4/5 stars

  If I'm going for pizza, I gotta do "pep." That's what New Yorker's call it right? The pepperoni was really yummy!! It was flavourful with a bit of spice going on. The flavour was accentuated by the cheese. 


Pesto Chicken, Pepperoni

I went back the very next day for dinner, and ordered another slice of pep and some pesto chicken!

Pesto Chicken: 3.5/5 stars

  The pesto chicken was quite nice as well!! The pesto flavour was evident, but I felt like the pizza lacked cheese. Pretty good but I still prefer the pep!

Feta Cheese, Margarita

3/5 stars

  I also ordered a slice of feta cheese, and it was yummy as well!! The feta flavour was strong and the addition of tomatoes was a nice touch! This also had some minced meat on it!

I got a snapple to wash it all down!

Their specials are really affordable!

Love the vibe in here :)

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