New Town Bakery & Restaurant - Chinatown!!

  All I do now is stay at home on the weekends and write essays/ life is so exciting. Why did I become an arts major? Oh right, because I can't do math...

  Anyways - we went to Chinatown the other day and decided to stop by New Town for some old school Cantonese treats after finishing dim sum!! THE SEARCH FOR FOOD NEVER ENDS!!

  New Town is famous around town for their steamed pork buns and award winning apple tarts! This location is super actually have to take a number and wait in line! The lady was really impatient when we were ordering and she actually yelled at me because I was telling my mom which items I wanted, she was like "Don't tell her, TELL ME!!"

  The front of the house operates as a bakery, with the back being a restaurant!! They have two other locations, one in Surrey and another in Richmond!


Pork Steamed bun (Asado Siopao)

3.5/5 stars

  This was served hot, straight from the steamer! The char siu flavour was really prominent! This thing was loaded with meat! The pork was moist and sweet, the bun itself was nice and soft! This was actually pretty hefty and could've sufficed as a meal (for people with smaller stomachs!)

Spicy Pork Steamed Bun

3/5 stars

  This was just as good, but we liked the char siu ones better! It didn't taste that spicy, the spiciness was actually quite subtle! It was still really flavourful though!

We also got some frozen ones!! 

Our box of goodies!! :D

Winter Melon Cake (Wife Cake)

4/5 stars

  Wintermelon cakes are my favourite!! This was version was pretty good, but not as good as the one from Kam Do, imo! The inside was light and flaky, and had that distinct wintermelon flavour! It wasn't too sweet either, I could've easily eaten two of these!

Char Siu Bun

Dad's Rating: 3.5/5 stars

  My dad had the char siu bun as his afternoon snack, and he really enjoyed it!! It was a lot larger than your average char siu bun, it was twice the size of the ones you find at dim sum! There was lots of meat, with the char siu being predictably sweet-salty.

Jin Dui (Red Bean filled Sesame Ball)

3.5/5 stars

  Another favourite of mine, jin dui!! This one was average, but still pretty decent!! The dough was chewy and glutinous. The inside was nice and sweet and there was an ample amount of red bean.

Malay Sponge Cake

3.5/5 stars

  This was quite good!! It was soft, spongy, and sweet! It wasn't very dense either! This was a pretty big piece!

Their Famous Apple Tart!

Mom's Rating: 4/5 stars

  My mom had their famous apple tart! She really enjoyed it, she liked how it wasn't overly sweet, the apple flavour was very pronounced and the entire thing was super flaky!

Egg Tarts (We had 4!)

3.5/5 stars

  The egg tarts were really smooth and flaky! It wasn't too sweet either! These would taste even more amazing hot!

New Town Bakery & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. FAIL ! You didn't post pics of the buns' inside fillings !


    1. LOL I realized when I was editing the pictures, I forgot!! I'll try to remember next time ;D

    2. It's okay, Selina. We can use our imaginations for this one time. After all, the names describe the fillings of the buns. "Wife cake"... pretty self-explanatory, right?

    3. LMAO exactly!! Mmm...tastes like a wife!! XD

    4. Um ....

  2. "LMAO exactly!! Mmm...tastes like a wife!! XD"

    Lols.. this is funny in so many ways.. all not NSFW .. lols

    1. Not safe for work LMAO!! You're reading my blog when you're at work? jokes ;)

  3. Yup. I like your blogs much better than Sherman Lagoons!!


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