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  The Pit. An UBC institution. An institution within an institution. Where university students from all over Vancouver go to get wasted...every Wednesday night. (I have quite a few friends who commute all the way to UBC for Pit Night.) 

  To be honest, I've never gone to Pit Night, I'm just not the partier type ;) 

  And you call yourself a UBC student Selina?!

   I'll make it out to Pit Night one of these days...

  There's two other pubs on campus: Mahoney & Sons, and Koerner's! Koerner's is more of a graduate student pub, whereas the Pit is always full of undergrads. Correct me if I'm wrong :)

  Oh, and if you ignore the loud music, the Pit makes for a great study spot ~ their leather sofas are super comfy!

  Note: My apologies for the dark *pub* lighting!

Large, snazzy tv screens, not bad eh? 

Oceanwise Fish & Chips w/ Yam Fries $12

Fish: 3/5 stars
Yam Fries: 4/5 stars

  The fish was okay ~ it was decently flaky but the breading was a touch too thick. The fish itself was kind of oily. I was impressed that they used oceanwise fish though!

  The fries were great, they were a bit soft, but I like soft fries. They were full of flavour and I didn't even have to use any ketchup!

Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings $10

3/5 stars

  Like the fish, the chicken wings were just - passable. The wings were rather dry and a bit over fried. They could've eased up on the salt, because these things were super salty!! The chicken meat was fragrant and decently moist though!

On another occasion I just got two pieces of fish, because I wasn't that hungry and didn't want to waste any food (shocking I know...Selina, not hungry?!)

(Click to Enlarge) The menu's not posted online!

The Pit Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. LOL it's okay Selina, I'm not the partier type either. I've never been to any of those night parties at either SFU or UBC, because what better way is there to celebrate than a sushi adventure?

    Those S&P wings don't look like they're worth 3/5 based on the photo, so maybe they taste better than they look?

    1. LOL *highfive!!* We're one in the same :D

      Sushi over alcohol any day!!

      haha the chicken wings don't look that appetizing, but they tasted okay!! :D

  2. Selina, you shouldn't be apologizing for never having gone to a Pit Night! I would rather gauge my eyes out than be at one. The crowd at The Pit is the worst. Super annoying twenty year olds that drink coolers and shitty beer. This is why I live at Mahony's. It's almost worth the 17 dollars for a glass of wine (sadly that was literally my bill for my single glass of wine the other day).

    1. aw thanks Food Wench!! LOL gauge your eyes out!! Yea, the Pit always seems to be filled with them ~ from what I've heard!! ;)

      $17? I'm no wine connoisseur but that seems pricey!

  3. One cannot earn legit UBC grad status without having experienced The Pit !

    To put things into (my) perspective, back in my days a Pit Burger platter was $3.75. Just under $6 with a pint. We always shuddered at the mystery meat patty. The fries were ok. A really Pit memory was the day Ben Johnson won the 100m spring at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. A lot of BZZRs were spilled that day inside the Pit.

    This was in the old SUB building by the way :-)

    1. Well I guess I'll have to experience the Pit for myself then! ;D

      Woww, $3.75?! Now it's $11.25!! "Mystery Meat Patty" LMAO!

      I never went to the old pit before they relocated, the old SUB is always empty now ~ I only go there to use the washrooms haha

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hey thanks for adding the Delete button, Selina. Can you also add "Edit" ?

    1. haha I didn't add that, Blogger did!! You can thank google!! ;D

  6. the name "Pit" already tells you what type of place it'll be. I hope they did some renos cause when I went during my UBC days it was disgusting!! and the bathroom reeked of beer and puke!

    1. hahaha they certainly lived up to their name!! They relocated to the new AMS Student Nest, so the entire place is brand new! :D


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