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 YAYY it's finally sunny!! I swear I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder.) When it rains I get so depressed. Does anyone else feel the same way? Sometimes I forget how beautiful Van is...the rain totally ruins it for me! 

  On my way to school today (I took the 49 bus instead of the 99) I didn't even go on my phone...I looked out the window and admired the scenery the whole time :D

   This place is super close to my dad's office, so the other day when I was in Richmond, I decided to go to Ah Wai Kitchen for lunch!! Ah Wai is located in Pacific Plaza (near Bubble Queen!) Ah Wai Kitchen specializes in Cantonese and Chiu Chow Cuisine :D

  I use to be *obsessed* with claypot rice in high school!! My mom would reward me with claypot rice from Crystal Mall if I got a good grade on an assignment harhar. It was totally worth the 30 min wait ^^

Iced Tea
4/5 stars

  The HK iced tea is really good here!! It's characteristically bitter with a touch of sweetness! It came in a large, tall glass, filled to the brim with ice!

Claypot Chicken Rice

4/5 stars

  Their baked claypot is their signature dish! I ordered the chicken version and it was filled with large, succulent pieces of chicken, with very little bone. The entire dish was very fragrant and tasted like ginger!! The rice gets all crispy, which is my favourite part! It also came with some soy sauce on the side!

They kept all of the furniture from the previous tenants (Bubble Waffle Cafe!)

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  1. If it's raining, just think about the wondrous-looking, savoury-tasting, finger-licking, mouth-watering, eye-dropping, tongue-inspiring food you are going to have. At least that works for me!

    1. LMAO you're so descriptive Raymond!! Food does get my mind of things ;)
      At first glance I thought you wrote "tongue-inspired" ....hahaha!

  2. That claypot rice looks "on point"!! - man I hate Sherman's lagoon!!


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