Corner 23 - 2nd Visit!

  The past few days have been HECTIC. I have 8 written assignments, 1 presentation, and 3 final exams...and they're all due this/next week! LORD HAVE MERCY. Sigh...such is the life of an university student.

  While everyone's out enjoying their Easter weekend, I've been cooped up at home ~ writing essays like a MANIAC. Essays are the worst. 

  On the bright ends in 2 weeks!! YAYYYY! 

  Anyways, I went to Corner 23 twice in the past month on my way to UBC! I really like Corner 23 ~ the food's pretty decent and the prices are super reasonable! On top of that, it's right across from King Edward Station AND the bus beside Corner 23 goes straight to UBC (super convenient!)  

Read my first review of Corner 23 here:

Eggplant w/ Garlic Sauce (Fish Fragrant Eggplant in Chinese)
Note the two bowls of rice in the background hehe

4/5 stars

  This was quite good! The eggplant was nice and soft, and full of flavour!! The garlic flavour was quite potent and it was subtly spicy! I kind of wish the portion size was larger, I wanted more after I was finished!

3 Cup Chicken

3/5 stars

 3 Cup Chicken...a Taiwanese staple!! This was an okay version, it wasn't particularly remarkable but it wasn't bad. It had all of your characteristic 3 cup chicken flavours. The chicken itself was a bit hard though, it wasn't moist enough! I got one of their side dishes this time and it was fine...nothing out of the ordinary!

Corner 23 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. 8 written assignments sounds like a living nightmare! I easily spend 10+ hours on every paper, so for me, I don't know if I can even finish everything...

    Miraculously, every blog post takes me only like 2 hours to write.

    1. I'm still in the middle of this nightmare LMAO!! Same! It usually takes me a day to finish a paper, I'm so choked on time! Hahaha,no wonder, your posts are so meticulously written! :D

    2. It's always those introductions that take me forever LOL. Once I get to describing the actual food itself, I can just speed through it since I have my notes!

    3. Making reference to a comment from some time ago, enjoy this "pain" while you can, as there is still "real life" out there. In my case, a report where a colleague and I worked together ended up delayed for two months and ~50 drafts. Just saying!

    4. LMAO thanks for reminding me Kim!! ;) I hope "real life" doesn't hit me too hard hahaha!


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