Kuma Japanese Restaurant

   When I'm at school, I usually eat along West Broadway...I rarely venture to the opposite end of UBC (along Dunbar) because the commute's longer! Since I had a bit of free time the other day, I decided to make the trek out to Dunbar to see what restaurants they had to offer!

  The options were slim: a couple of sushi places, a pub, a pizza shop, and a subway. I decided to go with Kuma because resident sushi master Raymond, recently gave it the thumbs up...hi Raymond!! *waves*

 I went in there and ordered my usual - a chirashi don!! Come to think of it, I haven't had a chirashi in SO long!! I use to be obsessed with chirashis... I would eat 'em every week!! I was planning on ordering more but I didn't have enough money *fail*

Chirashi Don
4/5 stars

  I enjoyed this!! It tasted really fresh! It came with salmon, tuna, scallops, tako, and some surt clam! It was a bit small though, so I was still hungry after finishing this. Texturally, the sushi rice was great, firm, moist and flavourful!!

How cute is their menu? <3

(Click to Enlarge)

Loved the vibe ~ especially the wooden pillers!! :D

Kuma Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Yeah, the food options on Dunbar are indeed quite slim, but at least there are like 3 sushi restaurants! And you only had a Chirashi Don????

    1. 3 sushi restaurants on one street...Vancouver, man, Vancouver!! ;)

      I didn't bring enough money that day LMAOO

  2. LOL yeah this place ain't cheap. I busted over $40 here!


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