Pho Hong - An old favourite!

  Every family has a favourite pho place. Ours is Pho Hong! Okay, let me rephrase that: Pho Hong is my Dad's favourite pho we always go there (I would much rather try someplace new.)

  His logic? "It's been around the longest." To him, longevity is indicative of quality. Your logic is flawed Dad! ;)

  Pho Hong underwent some renovations last year so the place looks really spiffy now!! Their food quality has been pretty consistent over the years. I decided to try something new this time so I got their lemongrass beef on vermicelli  ~ I tried their chicken last time and wasn't a fan. Sad to say the beef wasn't much better...definitely stick with their pho!

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Lemongrass Beef w/ Vermicelli

2/5 stars

  The lemongrass flavour was there but the beef was just really dry. I appreciated the fact that there was a generous amount of meat but the beef was just really hard to chew. It did have some charring to it though! There was a lot of vermicelli, which I was really happy about! It was bouncy and cooked al dente!

#1 Pho (Large)

3.5/5 stars

  No surprise here, my dad went with his usual #1 Pho combo, which comes with a spring roll! It had all your usual fixings: rare beef, tripe, tendon, meatballs, etc. The soup was nice and hot, no complaints here!

Seafood Noodle Soup

3/5 stars

  My mom ordered the seafood noodle soup because she wanted to try something new as well. This was okay, it came with bits of shrimp, imitation crab and broccoli! The soup is a bit lighter than the pho soup!!

Spring Roll (Cha Gio)

3/5 stars

  I like PH's spring rolls, but I prefer the ones made with rice wrappers!! This one is still pretty tasty: meaty & crunchy! 

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  1. Have you taken your Dad to Green Bamboo yet ? :-D

    1. Not yet, but my mom and grandparents love Green Bamboo!! I'll have to take him when I get the chance! :D

    2. Make sure to get the TBN and dac biet pho ..... best of both worlds !

      Not to mention the place feels like a hole-in-wall eatery in some Taipei alley :-)

  2. I went to this place last week and the pho is average at best. They used to be better but now is off my list of decent pho joints.

    1. haha agreed, the pho is pretty average! What's your go to pho place? :D


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