Strike - 2nd Visit!

  Well lookie I am, back at Strike! I just can't help it - where else am I going to get cheap, awesome Taiwanese food near UBC? A Taiwanese girl needs her S&P chicken!!

  I go so often now the guy recognizes me, I don't even have to ask for two bowls of rice, he just gives it to me automatically harharhar. Now that's good service! ;)

  Whenever I ask for two bowls of rice I get the most confused and *shocked* looks. For some reason eating two bowls of rice just isn't the norm these days...

  The last few times I've come here I've bumped into someone I know, Strike is always packed with UBC students!

  Read my first review of Strike here:

Extreme Spicy Pork Chop Set
See my two bowls or rice in the background? hehe
3.5/5 stars

  A great, spicy alternative to their regular 5 spice pork chop!! The pork chops are lathered with a ton of spice! Definitely not "extreme" as the name implies, the pork itself actually tastes a bit sweet!! The portion size is quite generous and the meat was quite tender, despite having been deep fried! 

Veggies w/ Minced Meat

3.5/5 stars

  I've tried the same dish at Corner 23, Pearl Castle, Bubble World, Kick S Good, and some other Taiwanese places, and in comparison, Strike's version is really good!! The way they cook it makes it super fragrant!! The minced meat is one the sweeter side, but I quite like it! 

Extreme Spicy Chicken Nuggets (Large)
4/5 stars

  Omgg, I've ordered this 3 times already? If you like spicy sichuan peppercorns, you'll LOVE this. The chicken nuggets are covered with that stuff!! The chicken nuggets are the same as their 5 spice version, the only difference is they dust this one with spicy peppercorn!

Sweet & Sour Deep Fried Fish

4/5 stars

  Nothing like some fried fish!! The batter was awesome!! It's super crispy, and not panko-like. The pieces of fish were huge too!! The sauce was on the sweeter side, but still quite tangy. Overall, a pretty good version!

Here's another pic of the spicy chicken nuggets (from another occasion!!) :D

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