Sushi California - 2nd Visit!

  After visiting Sushi California's Broadway location in 2014, I vowed never to return. Read about my horrific experience here:   Yea...I still have nightmares about it ;)

  But Sushi California Coquitlam made me reconsider ~ that Kimchi Yaki rice was just too darn good!! I pass by SC en route to UBC, so I decided to go there for dinner on my way home from school the other day!

  Let me tell ya, the place was packed!! No surprise here, us Vancouverites lovee our cheap sushi. If you avoid the rolls (lesson learned) everything else at SC is pretty decent! Especially their salmon sashimi!

Read my review of their Coquitlam location here:

Salmon Don 

3.5/5 stars

  The salmon don was pretty good!! Nice, generous cuts of fresh salmon. Since the turnover rate is really high, the salmon's always fresh!! There was a thin layer of sushi rice underneath, which was dressed with nori and sesame seeds!

More Salmon Sashimi!!
3.5/5 stars

  I ordered another plate of the salmon sashimi because one just wasn't satisfying enough hehe! I asked for no raw veggies, so they arranged it in a cute flower shape!!

Prawn & Yam Tempura

3/5 stars

  The prawn & yam tempura was smaller than I was expecting. Compared to Sushi Nainamo or Sushi Garden, this was rather dissapointing. The yam was way too thin and the prawn was really small. It was also rather oily.

More rice - for my tempura!! ;)

I also ordered some 7up ~ I haven't had 7up in SO long!!

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  1. So... were 18 pieces of salmon sashimi enough to fill you up?

    1. Nooo harharhar :D I was going to order something else, but it was already 8, and I get insomnia if I eat heavy meals at night LOL

    2. Oh I guess that explains why I sleep at 4 a.m. every day...

  2. That's a pic of 7-up, not Sprite.

    1. LMAO clearly I wasn't thinking straight! ;) I realized yesterday, I was going to change it, but I forgot hahaa


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