Bubble 88 - 3rd Visit!

  Guess what? I won $109.10 in last week's lotto max!! At first I thought I won 50 million because the first 3 numbers matched...but alas, I did not. *Keep dreaming Selina*

  Anyways, my last final is on Thursday, and after that, I'm FREE!!! I was planning on taking summer courses, but decided against it because I have to spend the entire summer going to allergy treatment sessions. Hey, treating allergies sure beats doing homework!! I might go on vacation though...I'm thinking about booking a trip to Hawaii hehe...we'll see!

  My dad and I go to Bubble 88 a lot. He has Bubble 88, Pearl Castle, South Ocean, Hon's, Kent's Kitchen and Tengoku Sushi on rotation. When he's in the mood for Taiwanese food, he'll go to PC or Bubble 88. When he wants Cantonese food, it's either South Ocean, Kent's Kitchen or Hon's. Sushi? Tengoku. And he orders the same thing every.single.time. (Old habits die hard.)

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Deep Fried Squid
3.5/5 stars

  Love me some deep fried squid!! My dad is totally against me ordering anything fried...but I got it anyways!! This was a pretty decent version!! The squid was nicely battered and super fragrant! The seasoning was balanced, it was flavourful without being too salty!


Taiwanese Pork Chop Set
3.5/5 stars

  This was quite yummy as well!! The pork chop was reasonably tender and dusted with a generous amount of 5 spice. This also came with some minced pork rice, as opposed to just white rice, which I really appreciated! 

Minced Pork Rice
3/5 stars

  This is a mini version of their lu rou fan! The pork added a lot of flavour to an otherwise boring rice!

Spicy Beef Hotpot
3.5/5 stars

  I've tried their fish and beef hotpots, and I like the fish version better! The beef was still pretty decent, it was reasonably tender having been tenderized. The spicy flavour was pretty potent, but not to the point where I was hacking my lungs out.

Spicy Drypot

3.5/5 stars

  This a new item on their menu!! In Chinese it's literally translated as "Dry Pot." It's like a dry version of a hotpot! This version wasn't very authentic though, because drypot isn't a Taiwanese dish!

  It still pretty tasted pretty good! The server warned me that it was going to be spicy, and indeed...it was really spicy!! It came with some shrimp, radish, potato, and fish balls!

Spicy Fish Hotpot
3.5/5 stars

  This is the fish version of the spicy hotpot!! The fish is boneless so it's really tender!! The tofu's really good at well, just be careful because the tofu soaks up all of the hot soup!

Chili Beef Brisket & Tendon

3.5/5 stars

  My dad orders this every time we go to Bubble 88! Last time I convinced him to try their curry, he thought it was okay, and said that he should've stuck with his chilli beef brisket. Dads. I have to admit, this dish is pretty tasty!! It's super flavourful, and mildly spicy. The tendon is always super tender!

This one had more tendon!

Here's another one of his many chilli beef briskets...

Side Dishes
3.5/5 stars

  I really like Bubble 88's side dishes!! Especially the spicy vermecilli in the middle, it's really yummy! Last time I asked if I could get just the spicy vermicelli (and not the veggies) and they said no harhar...

A side dish from another occasion!

Here's another one...the veggies vary depending on the day!

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  1. That's so little pork on the Minced Pork Rice... I'm guessing you eat it together with the pork chops?

    "He orders the same thing every single time" - a perfect description of my dad too!

    1. haha ikr! I didn't really mind through, because it came with the set! :D

      LMAO!! Dads are so predictable!!


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