Crystal Mall - Omurice & Noodles!

  YAYYY I wrote my last final today!! I'm done 2nd year. Finally!! My hand is still numb from all the writing. Ah, the perils of being an art student.

  It's been one heck of a year. I'm just glad it's over. I'm super excited for summer break, I have the entire summer off this year (mid April to the beginning of Sept!!) :D

  Anyways, my friend and I went to Crystal Mall for dinner the other day after school! We were going to go to Mamalee's but the 99 passed right by it, so we settled on Crystal instead because she lives nearby!

  I'm always conflicted on what I want to order when I go to Crystal. There's just so.many.options. Hung's omurice caught my eye a few years ago (I always pass by their stall when I go to the washroom!) ...I finally got around to trying it after all these years!

  Read my first review of Hung's Teppanyaki here:

Spicy noodles w/ beancurd, fish balls, fish tofu and imitation crab 
from Want Want Spicy House! 

3/5 stars

  My friend got the spicy noodles from Want Want spicy house, and she thought it was pretty decent; she really liked the spicy sauce that came on the side! The bowl wasn't that large but it made for a pretty filling meal!

Taiwanese Omurice from Hung's Teppanyaki!
4/5 stars

  I went for the omurice from Hung's!! Omurice is one of my all time favourite dishes! This was surprisingly good, especially considering that it came from a food court stall! The layer of egg was top was really thin and coated with ketchup!! The fried rice inside was super fragrant and loaded with flavour - yum!

You can never go wrong with eggs + rice! :D

I know you're supposed to eat the egg with the rice, but I ate them separately hehe! :)

Hung's Teppanyaki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Congrats on completing 2nd year :-D Nice way to celebrate.

    I had no idea there's a Taiwanese version of omurice. Do they have that in Taiwan, or is it more an off-shore thing ?

    1. Why thanks LR!! :D

      If I'm not mistaken, Japanese omurices use milk/butter/cream, but Taiwanese omurices don't! They have different variations of omurice in Taiwan, Japanese versions, and Taiwanese versions! :D

  2. Aren't you allergic to eggs? or was it something else?

    1. I was haha, but then my allergy went away!! My condition is really unstable though, my allergies change a lot...and sometimes I can tolerate certain types of food in different forms! For example, some individuals who are allergic to milk can eat baked milk (in cake, muffins, etc) but they're still allergic to the frosting on top (because it's not baked!) :D


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