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  Happy April Fool's everyone!! This post isn't a joke btw (no really, there's no joke involved.) I wish I had the time to pull off an epic prank, like Raymond did: (it's hilarious, go read it!!)

...but NOO, I'm stuck at home...writing essays (with this beautiful weather!) UGHHH. When will this end? (In a week Selina, in a week.)

  My brain is starting to go numb. Everything in my life revolves around writing...even this ;)

  Sad no?

  In the meantime, I hope blogging gets my mind off things. I went to Sushi Mura the other day for a light "snack" on my way to school! Sushi Mura is basically Oakridge's version of Sushi Garden!

Kimchi Fried Rice $7.95
1.5/5 stars

  I decided to try one of their Korean offerings (Sushi Mura is korean-run!) This was rather disappointing. There was so little rice!! There was less than a few bites worth! The rice was literally the size of a CD! The flavour was okay: it was tangy, but the kimchi flavour wasn't very prominent. It wasn't all! :(

Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll $3.95
2.5/5 stars

  This was a lot better than the previous dish! The roll itself was hastily assembled but it tasted okay!  The salmon itself was subtly spicy, nothing particularly offensive. The salmon itself was a bit too "wet" and the tempura coating was rather oily.

  Sushi Mura Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. I swear I'm like the only food blogger who had a decent experience at Sushi Mura. I even had my friend who just came back from Japan to verify!

    Thanks for linking to my post!

    1. haha I guess I just ordered the wrong dishes! I'm all about second chances, I'll definitely give Sushi Mura another try! :D

      You sir, are a sushi blogging legend LMAO!! ;D

  2. I think the main contributing factor was that we went really early on a weekday before things got busy. The restaurant was less than half full when we arrived.

    LOL I'm honoured to be dubbed a sushi blogging legend!


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