Tengoku Sushi - Review of 23 Dishes!

  Tengoku is my Dad's favourite sushi place. If I want to go somewhere else, he literally throws a fit. See what I have to deal with? ;)

  We've gone to Tengoku so many times that I've lost count. I reckon we've gone over 50 times! My dad orders the same thing every single time: The House Bento Box w/ beef teriyaki, tempura, and nigiri. Dads.

"Dad, why do you always order the same thing? You've never tried anything else!"

"That's my style. I find something that works, and I stick to it."

  My favourite dish there is their tonkatsu (or chicken katsu!) It's amazing: thick cut, crispy, and loaded with sauce! If I want something lighter, I usually go for their salmon don!

  Tengoku will always have special place in my heart. In 60 years I'll look back on to this place and remember it as the restaurant where my dad and I would go (almost) every week ;D

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Chicken Katsu
Note my two balls of rice in the background...hehe
4/5 stars

  I usually go for their tonkatsu but the chicken katsu is just as good!! The way they fry it renders the skin super crispy! They're really generous with the sauce; the mayo and tonkatsu sauce go so well together!! If you ask for more sauce they'll give you some at no extra cost :D

3/5 stars

  This wasn't very authentic but it still tasted pretty good! It tasted like regular chow mein. The noodles were nice and bouncy, with bite! There were lots of vegetables, which I really appreciated!

Zaru Soba
4/5 stars

  Loved this!! The noodles were super bouncy and al dente, the sauce that came on the side had a deep unami flavour! Only wish that the portion size was larger :D

Oyako Don 
3/5 stars

  This was alright, there are definitely better interpretations out there! The flavour was there, but the entire dish was a bit too soggy. The chicken was reasonably tender though! This was a fairly generous bowl, so I was satisfied after finishing this! 

3/5 stars

  Like most budget sushi places, the nigiri is decent, nothing amazing. This (and a cali roll) came with my yakisoba, free of charge!

Chirashi Don
3.5/5 stars

  This was a pretty decent chirashi! I really liked how they included sockeye salmon! Other than that, everything was pretty standard!! I especially enjoyed the sushi rice!

Tuna Don
3.5/5 stars

   I usually order the salmon don, but I've tried the tuna don a few times! The tuna is reasonably fresh, and theres a ton of rice underneath! The rice is always moist and chewy, with a distinctive sour taste!

Here's a tuna don from another occasion! :D

Beef Don (Specials Menu!)

3/5 stars

  The menu calls this a "beef don" so I thought it was going to be gyu don-esque. But when it came, I realized it was actually teriyaki beef! The beef was decent, it was flavourful (having been glazed with copious amounts of sauce, but it wasn't tender enough.

Unagi Don
4/5 stars

  This was quite good! I was impressed that this came with so many pieces of unagi!! The unagi was really tasty, it was glazed with your typical sweet tasting unagi sauce! It was really yummy mixed with rice!

Salmon Don
4/5 stars

  This is what I get when I want something "healthier" heheh. It's huge and really filling! The slices vary in thickness, depending on the day you go. The rice is always on point though, it's sweet, vinegary, and chewy!

Chicken Kaarage

3.5/5 stars

  Yay...love me some fried chicken!! This was a fairly generous portion! It was pretty good, it wasn't greasy...at all! The exterior was a bit hard but the inside was really tender! However, there are definitely better versions out there!

Chicken Teriyaki Bento

Chicken Teriyaki: 3.5/5 stars
Nigiri: 3.5/5 stars
Tempura: 4/5 stars

  My dad's only ordered the chicken teriyaki bento twice, out of all the times we've been there! He usually goes for the beef! The chicken was surprisingly yummy! The chicken was a bit charred on the outside and the portion size was quite generous. There was also a bed of bean sprouts underneath! His box also came with some nigiri, tempura, salad, sashimi and rice! The nigiri was alright, the sashimi tasted pretty fresh! We enjoyed the tempura; the batter was light and airy! There was also a cute ball of rice in the middle of the box!

Tempura Don 

3.5/5 stars

  The batter was a touch thick but it tasted really good! The tempura batter differs depending on the day that you go! The last few times the shrimp batter was a lot lighter! The sauce they drizzle on top is sweet and sticky (and non teriyaki like!) 

California Roll

3.5/5 stars

  The cali roll is pretty good here! Pretty standard, but I like how the imitation crab meat isn't too mushy!

4/5 stars

  I usually go for the tonkatsu instead of the chicken katsu! The pork is always juicy, never dry! The sauce to pork ratio was perfect this time! The exterior is always super crispy!! :D

Assorted Nigiri Combo
3.5/5 stars

  This came with all your standard nigiri, and a salmon and cali roll! Nothing amiss really, the fish tasted pretty fresh!

Salmon Kama
2/5 stars

  This was pretty disappointing. The salmon was really burnt so the burnt taste was really overwhelming. The was glazed in teriyaki sauce didn't help much. 

Katsu Don
3.5/5 stars

   Taste wise, this was better than the oyako don! Texturally...it was lacking. The egg made the katsu really soggy, so much so that it was no longer crunchy! I did like how the meat was nice and thick though, and the fact that there was a generous amount of rice underneath! 

Mae-Eun-Tang (Spicy Seafood Fish Stew)

3.5/5 stars

  Their mae-eun-tang is one of their korean offerings (Tengoku is Korean-run!) It was subtly spicy but gad gochujang-esque flavours, which I really enjoyed! There was 3 pieces of boneless fish in there, which had soaked up all the flavours of the sauce! I really liked how they layered the 3 pieces of tofu!

3/5 stars

  If you order one of their lunch specials, most of them come with a salad! I didn't try it, but my parents love the tangy dressing they put on top!

Salad from another occasion - this one had more sauce!

Another one of my many salmon dons :D

Here's another one!

House Bento w/ Teriyaki Beef
Teriyaki Beef: 3/5 stars

  Last but not least, my dad's ultimate favourite: their house bento w/ teriyaki beef!! He's ordered this so many times that I've lost track. He only manages to finish 50% of the box, and he packs the rest home. His favourite part is the sashimi, he always eats it with globs of wasabi.

   I included some different pictures of the box from different days we've ordered it, if you look closely you pick up the differences!

This time the sashimi pieces were cut really thick!

Here's another one!

And another one...

And another one...

I think you get the point ;)

Sunomono (Comes with House Bento)
3.5/5 stars

  Their house bento always come with a sunomono! They use to use baby shrimps, but they switched to ebi! Their sunomono is super sour, it serves as a nice palate cleanser!

Miso Soup
3/5 stars

  Almost all of their meals come with a complimentary miso soup! It's always served nice and hot, and it's not too salty!

I've ordered an extra bowl of rice on many occasions ^^ 

My most recent tonkastu...this one was LOADED with mayo!

The presentation looks different every time!


Here's a look at their lunch specials! :D

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  1. This is like an epic sushi-a-thon, except with like 20 visits instead of 2, and more steamed rice/rice bowl dishes than sushi!

    For the second last picture, did you like stand up on your seat to take that photo?

    1. hehe ikr?! I love rice bowls, can you tell? ;)

      I think I kneeled on the seat for the last photo LMAO!! :D


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