Whole Foods - Roast Chicken & Lemon Cake!

  Guess what? I fainted the other day!! Due to stress harhar...I've been pretty stressed these past couple of weeks (with finals and everything.) Darn you finals week! I don't even recall fainting because I blacked out! The next thing I knew I was on the floor and my mom was shaking me!

  I haven't fainted in years. Come to think of it, I've only fainted 3 times, once on the skytrain during the 2010 Olympics...the other time was in Vegas on New Years, 3 minutes from midnight!

 On a lighter note, remember when I told you guys I ate an entire roast chicken at Whole Foods? I've done that twice already hehe. So the other day when I was at WH with my parents, we decided to grab some roast chicken and a (huge) lemon cake for dinner! Don't worry, I shared this time ;)

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Roast Chicken $12.99
Antibiotic/Hormone Free, Ethically Raised, Vegetarian Fed

3/5 stars

  For a mere $12.99, you can get an entire chicken that's antibiotic/hormone free, ethically raised, and vegetarian fed!! Talk about a deal! Even my dad was impressed.

  The uncooked chicken at health food stores go for $20 and up, so $12.99 is a killer deal! The downside is that the chicken is dry-ish, and not very flavourful (but I can appreciate the fact that they're trying to be health conscious.) But that's nothing some hot sauce can't fix!

Lemon Cake $19.99
3.5/5 stars

  My mom wanted to buy an entire cake...just for the sake of buying an entire cake!! She chose the lemon one, because it was the biggest (and the cheapest!) My parents really enjoyed it, they were raving about how it wasn't overly sweet! The lemon flavour was really prominent and they liked how the sides were dusted with graham crackers! The cake was a tad bit dense, but still pretty tasty nonetheless!

Between the two of them, they ended up eating a quarter!! 

  They only had two lemon cakes in the display cake!

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  1. Is this like free range chicken or is it still like your regular marshmellow chicken, but feed with organic feed?

    1. I'm not sure if it was free range, but it definitely wasn't like marshmellow chicken ~ tbh, it was a bit dry haha! :)

  2. omg you fainted from stress?! >< what is marshmallow chicken???

    1. hahaha it was really scary!! Anon invented that word LMAO, I think it refers to chicken that's soft/melts in your mouth? :D

  3. Marshmellow chicken is your typical North American super market chicken. The breast meat has consistency of marshmellow with zero taste. Basically stuff that bodybuilders eat.


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