7 Mcdonalds Sausage McMuffins?!!

  I woke up today and I had a strange craving for a sausage mcmuffin (no I'm not pregnant.) So what's a girl to do?

  Answer: Make a beeline for the nearest McDonalds (duh!)

  "How much are the sausage mcmuffins?"

  "$1.59. They're on the value picks menu."

  (Oh wow, that's cheap. Talk about reverse sticker shock...I could really do some damage here.)

  "I'll take 7 of them. And an extra large nestea. No butter or cheese please."

  McMuffins in hand and a mere $15 poorer, I walk home.

  So I get home, and open the bag. There's 11+ packets of ketchup inside and a large pile of napkins (the guy probably thought I was sharing.)

  A hour later...7 empty wrappers. And I'm still hungry. I wander over to the fridge. Yesss, a pint of Luna & Larry's Vegan Coconut Chocolate Icecream!! Ugh, that stuff is like liquid gold.

  I plop down and scoop out a few spoonfuls. 20 minutes later...

  "I think I want some pie."

  Good thing mom bought some vegan apple pie yesterday.

  Nomnomnom. I devour half a pie.

  "I'm getting tired of chewing. I think I'll stop now."

  2000 years later (Nasally Spongebob voice.) Ok, more like 2 hours later...

  Mom: I went to Me & Ed's Pizza Parlour for lunch. Your dad and I shared a XL pepperoni pizza.

  Me: Looks like I wasn't the only one who was overindulgent today. (Who am I kidding, I eat like this everyday.)




Sausage McMuffin
3.5/5 stars

  Oh so bad...but oh so good. It's been a year since I last had McDonalds, and I seriously don't remember it being this good. The sausage wasn't dry at all and it was actually really flavourful!! The english muffin was bouncy, and nicely toasted! And on top of that...it didn't taste like chemicals, it actually tasted...dare I say...HEARTY?!

Not bad. Sausage like and semi-moist. MOIST. Just let that word roll around in your mouth for a bit. 

Liquid gold people, liquid GOLD.

Luna & Larry's Organic Vegan Coconut Icecream
Dark Chocolate
4/5 stars

  Very niceeee. At $10 a pop, this stuff definitely comes at a premium. The texture is sublime. You kind of forget you're eating dairy free ice cream. The bitterness of the dark chocolate really comes through. I've tried a few of their flavours, the mint flavour is my favourite. Coconut fanatics, you have to try this!

Some vegan grocery store pie!! Hey, it's not gourmet, but I'll take it!

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  1. WOW!! I envy u! lol I wish I could eat like that and not gain weight :(

    1. hahaha gotta take advantage of that teenage metabolism while it lasts!! ;)

  2. Wait, how much was the Nestea? It has to be > $2.50 (?) to add up to $15 total (tax included). That said, I will safely assume you didn't eat until the evening... Or did you (not)???

    For the record, sausage McMuffin is ~360 calories so the McD's components are over 2500 calories already. I will stop there just to let that sink in. :P

    As for McD's, I haven't been there for a while for breakfast sandwiches. Probably because I have been cooking more and making a regular egg McMuffin is relatively simple - even making that egg.

    About the word moist, it does not bother me at all. Then again, English is not my first language.

    1. I forgot how much the Nestea was, but you're right, it was probably $2.50!! :D

      I didn't eat dinner but now I kind of regret it because I'm really hungry now haha (it's 12:20 am!)

      LMAO 2500 calories!! Sounds like a lot, but I was only 60% full after finishing it!! That's why I ate ice cream and pie afterwards ;)

      Agreed, McMuffins are really simple to make! I guess people just buy them for convenience's sake!

      It doesn't bother me either, I happen to LOVE the word moist! Just curious, what's your first language Kim? :)

    2. I speak Cantonese, Hakka, Spanish and English. Technically, Cantonese would be my "first" language.

    3. Woahh, impressive!! I wish I could speak that many languages!! :D

  3. I can't lie - I also go to McDonalds and order 5 or 6 burgers at times. Of course, I'm drunk at the time. Drinking gives me eating superpowers.

    So I still have to bow to the wonder of your teenage metabolism for doing it sober!

    1. Woahhh 6 burgers? I'm impressed.LMAO eating superpowers!!!
      hahaha ty ty, gotta love my teenage metabolism!! :D

    2. Wendy's value menu bacon cheeseburger rules !!!

    3. $1.89 is such a good deal!! :D

  4. Speechless......

    Oh how I miss my university days @ Uncle Willy's and The Raga (they had AYCE lunch back then for $8!) on W. Broadway !

    1. hahaha yesss Uncle Willy's!! I miss my AYCE days too ;)

  5. So.... I gotta ask, how long did it take to eat 7 EMcM's and after all that you were still only 60% full ?!?!?

    1. LMAO!! A little over an hour!! I have a big stomach hahaha! :D

  6. Cute story but do you ever think that all your health problems might have something to do with your diet?

    1. haha I've had these health problems since I was born!! But you're right, my diet could be exacerbating those problems. I *try* to eat healthy most of the time lmao :D

  7. I think the Mc Double is still the best deal. but 7 sausage Mcmuffin in one sitting is impressive!

    1. You're right haha, the McDouble is the best deal because you get double the amount of meat!! Why thankyou :D


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