Dasarang Chicken - Korean fried chicken!

    I've been going to Burquitlam SO MUCH lately. It's basically become my second home (...Lougheed was actually my first home, I grew up on Austin Rd!)

  Anyways, I had a serious hankering for some fried chicken the other day, so I decided to go to one of Ktown's most popular joints for some...KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN! I actually arrived 30 mins early and I had to wait outside for a bit. They were conducting interviews so people kept walking in and out of the restaurant!

  Dasarang is pretty empty during the day, but it's probably POPPIN' with soju drinking youngins in the am hours (they open until 2am on the weekend!) Dasarang is located in North Road Plaza so there are parking spaces aplenty!! 

Half & Half $21.50
Yangyeom Chicken/Fried Chicken
Yangyeom: 3.5/5 stars
Fried Chicken: 3.5/5 stars

  The half and half is the way to go if it's your first time at Dasarang!! The yangyeom is coated in a sticky, sweet sauce, and the other half is their house special fried chicken! The sauce on the yangyeom chicken was really sticky ~ so sticky in fact that I got it all over my hands!! The regular fried chicken wasn't as crispy as I would've liked, but it was packed with flavour - sauces need not apply! The meat itself is moist and juicy, and I loved how some pieces were boneless!! I would imagine this would go great with a glass of soju!

Spicy Tteokbokki Skewers $7
4/5 stars

 Tteokbokki in skewer form?! Yes please!! The skewers were coated in a thick, spicy paste and garnished with some sesame!! The rice cakes themselves were perfectly cooked; al dente and chewy!! This was pretty generous portion, each skewer came with 4 pieces! Perfect for sharing!

Pretty sure I'm the only person who orders rice at a fried chicken joint ;)

Filipino Pastry - Hopia Baboy (from T&T!)
3.5/5 stars

  I picked up some hopias from T&T the other day, and I ate them at Dasarang for dessert!! The outer shell was soft; the interior was super crispy and flaky!! I loved the medley of sweet and salty flavours!! It was loaded with onion!

Carb heavy end to an awesome meal!! :D

The restaurant itself is really spacious ~ perfect for groups!

Dasarang Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. "but it's probably POPPIN' with soju drinking youngins in the am hours (they open until 2am on the weekend!)"

    You sound like an old fart saying that. Wait, you sound like me !!!

    "Pretty sure I'm the only person who orders rice at a fried chicken joint ;)"

    Sorry, beat ya to it. I ordered white rice at King Chicken, remember ? :-)

    1. LMAO I'm a grandma I'm heart!! ;)

      Us and our rice HAHA, team #ricebucket!!

    2. https://sites.google.com/site/thericebucketchallenge/_/rsrc/1409001839224/home/Riceposter.png?height=400&width=306

    3. LMAOO rice bucket challenge!!

  2. Fried chicken + white rice:


  3. Anyone notice the doctor's office upstairs of Dasarang ? "Dr. Huh" .... LOL !!

    There was a dentist near Old Orchard Shopping Center (Kingsway/Willingdon) named "Dr. Au" (Chinese last name .... pronounced "Ow"). One can't even make this stuff up [grin]

  4. I've been to dasarang a lot, and I noticed that recently their eat in chicken is less crispy than their takeout, also service is better on the weekend because of their more experienced server. I think they might have a different cook on the weekend which could be why I pickup their chicken more on the weekend ;)

    1. Interesting that their eat in chicken is less crispy than their takeout!! One would expect the opposite! haha thanks for letting me know, I'll definitely go on the weekend next time!! :D


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