Kenzo Japanese Noodle House

  I was craving ramen the other day. But I didn't want to go downtown. I've developed a strange distaste for busy, crowded places (downtown being one of them.) 

  I would much rather spend my days frolicking around my neighbourhood (living in the 'burbs definitely suits me.) #grandmalife 

  Since travelling all the way downtown for Santouka wasn't an option, I decided to go for some... SUBURBAN RAMEN!!

  So off I Kenzo Japanese Noodle House, the nearest ramen place!! Santouka it is not...but hey, I'll take it (better than nothing!) I ordered the largest size available (their King of Kings ramen) cause let's be real...a regular bowl of ramen ain't enough to satiate this appetite!! (It still wasn't enough, I was still hungry much for spending $16 on ramen!)

King of Kings Ramen (Spice Level 3: spiciest option available)
3.5/5 stars

  Even though this can't compare to the big boys downtown, this was still a pretty decent bowl!! There was a ton of flavour from the added spice. My only gripe was that the broth itself was a bit one dimensional: spicy but lacking in depth. The noodles themselves were good, toothsome and bouncy!! They were also very generous with the char siu, it came with 5 pieces!!

This bowl was loaded!! 

I also added a bowl of rice because you know me guys...I EAT RICE WITH EVERYTHANGGGG!

I absolutely adore their decor!!

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  1. Rice with ramen, LOL [snorts, laughs]

    Burnaby is suburban ? I guess that depends on your perspective (esp. if you're a dedicated West-sider). For me, Burnaby & New West are ideal in terms of their geographic centrality within the GVRD.

    Kenzo's been there quite a few years. Do you know if they're still owned by the same folks from Day 1 ? How would you rate them compared to Kamamarui on Royal Oak ?

    1. You know me, I'm a rice bucket!!! ;)

      I guess I've always considered Burnaby suburban LMAO, except for the area around Metrotown. Agreed!! Burnaby and New West is definitely geographically convenient ~ easy access to every part of Vancouver!!

      I'm not sure, Kenzo's always been run by Koreans (if I'm not mistaken.) Kamamarui, hands down! IMHO, Kamamarui has some of the best ramen outside of the downtown core. I love their rice bombs and huge slices of chasu!! I heard they opened up another location in North Burnaby! :D


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