Kojima Sushi

  Okay. So I've made it my goal to conquer every restaurant in New West this summer...since I pretty much have nothing else to do ;)

  I think it'll be interesting because restaurants in New West generally don't get a lot of coverage...I firmly believe that there are hidden gems to be found!! Just wait and see :D 

  Sushi restaurants are a dime in a dozen in Vancouver, but in New West, there's only a handful. Kojima Sushi, a Chinese run Japanese restaurant located beside Hon's, is one of them! 

  My mom got takeout for me a few weeks back, and since I was pretty satisfied with their salmon sashimi, I decided to make a visit!

Salmon Sashimi (2 orders)
3.5/5 stars

  This was a really generous portion!! The salmon tasted quite fresh and the pieces were neatly arranged. I had this with a huge bowl of rice, super satisfying!! :D

Note my two bowls of rice...hehe
3.5/5 stars

   How could I not order their tonkatsu? They didn't use panko breading, so it was more reminiscent of a regular deep fried pork chop. The tonkatsu was a tad bit small, usually most places give you 2! It was still pretty tasty though!! I liked how they put the sauce on the side (instead of drizzling it on top.) I asked for two bowls of rice, instead of salad (like always!)

They have booths for privacy! :D

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  1. Sounds like Kojima would rank as an average sushi resto for you ?

    I had a chicken tonkatsu dinner set at Clubhouse Sushi on W.2nd a few nights ago. Their (pork/chicken) katsu curry are REALLY good but to my shock and disappointment they didn't have curry sauce available that night !! The manager noted my extreme disappointment and offered me a dinner set at a discount. As it turned out the chicken katsu was very moist, succulent and well-fried (not entirely sure if it was panko'd but the batter/crust was crispy and not greasy). However w/o the curry sauce, I'd take Sushiyama's katsu set any day.

    1. Yep, average in the grand scheme of sushi restaurants!

      haha, I love how you're a katsu fiend like me! They gave you a discount? How thoughtful! Sushiyama's set the bar pretty high eh?

    2. Well Sushiyama is quick, efficient, the katsu (pork or chicken) is $8 which includes miso soup, organic greens salad (none of that crappy watery iceberg lettuce with julienned carrots salad so ubiquitous at other Japanese restos), a generous bowl of rice, and TWO slabs of crispy golden brown katsu. What's not to like ? :-D And it's the same price at lunch and at dinner. For me it's a combination very tough to beat, so yes, for a katsu set IMHO their bar is set high.

    3. Scroll down to Sushiyama (Nov 5, 2014):


    4. Ooops ! Sorry I forgot you've been there recently :-D


    5. haha agreed, salad made with iceberg lettuce is so ubiquitous, organic salad is definitely hard to come by!! Yup, I like how it's the same price during lunch and dinner, most places jack up the prices by $5 or more at dinner!! :D

  2. A very recent review of Sushiyama's katsu. I wonder if the katsu portion is slightly reduced ?


    Time to conduct some renewed research :-)


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