Myoung Dong Kahl Gook Soo - another hidden gem in Ktown!

  I discovered this place a few months ago when I was "poking" around Ktown with my mom (I finally got around to trying it!) Myoung Dong Kahl Gook Soo is located in a little mall inside North Road Plaza, it's so discreet that it doesn't even have a English name...or a sign! @Anonymous piqued my interest when he suggested that I try out their famous fist sized mandus!! 

  Boy oh boy...he wasn't kidding about the size, those puppies were HUGE!! Why can't all dumplings be fist-sized? ;)

  Aside from their humongeous mandus, Myoung Dong Kahl Gook Soo is also known for their homestyle Korean noodles...Kahl Gook Soo!! Literally every table had a order!

  The food does take a while to come out because there's only 2 people running the restaurant, a husband and wife duo! They don't speak English so communicating with them was a bit tricky, we had to use hand gestures to explain that they messed up our order (they gave us someone else's order by accident.)

  The place was absolutely packed during the time we left there were only 2 tables left (I'm a slow eater!)

Don't underestimate this humble little food court!

HUGE Mandu (The picture doesn't do the size justice!) $10.95
4/5 stars

  Little (or should I say big) bundles of JOY!! These were deeelish!! Homemade without a doubt. The skin was paper thin, but held up without breaking! The flavours were on the mild side, but super fragrant. The filling was juicy and packed with a ton of meat and veggies!

Kahl Gook Soo $9.05
4/5 stars

  Such a hearty bowl of noodles!! It didn't just taste hearty, this was a really generous portion that actually filled me up!! The noodles were delightfully chewy and bouncy, and the broth was incredibly fragrant from the pork bone. This was loaded with a medley of veggies and some minced meat!

4/5 stars

  Wow, good stuff!! Definitely tasted homemade, nothing like that storebought stuff. Really garlicky and had a nice sour kick.

 Paper thin skin...juicy pork filling!! :D

Who says you can't eat noodles with rice? ;)

The menu's entirely in Korean ~ but Three Nutty Crumpets translated it here:

My lovely view during lunch ~
nothing like some toilets to get your appetite going!

Myung Dong Kal Guk Soo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. "Why can't all dumplings be fist-sized?" Umm, because clumsy people like me will bite into the dumpling and somehow get all the filling to fall out by accident... Yeah, I'll stick with my pea-sized dumplings. =)

    1. hahaha all of the filling fell out when I bit into it!! LMAO pea sized dumplings?!

  2. This place is fucking dope. I love coming here on a chill summer's day. The owners are nice as fuck too.

  3. Tru gangsta!! wouldn't expect less from a nammer.


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