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 Arghh, I tripped on some pavement yesterday and my knees/hands got all bloody!! And my wound had just healed!! (I tripped last month too.) They don't call me a klutz for nothing...

 Anyways, for Mother's Day this year I wasn't feeling very well, so instead of going out, we decided to get take out from New Lakeview!! New Lakeview has been my family's go to Cantonese/takeout restaurant for 20 something years! We use to get takeout from here all the time! New Lakeview is known as a more "westernized" Chinese restaurant, but they still serve a ton of authentic Cantonese dishes!! :D

  On a separate occasion I ordered some sweet and sour pork + gon chow ngau ho and had a picnic in my backyard...and I got sunburned! So sunburned that my skin started peeling...ouch (being allergic to sunscreen sucks.)

  The folks at New Lakeview are super nice, they're always willing to customize orders; but this time they messed up! We ordered lemon chicken, and they gave us braised chicken instead! My mom didn't realize until I pointed it out to her...she thought that it was lemon chicken the whole time! We didn't mind though, the braised chicken turned out to be really yummy!!

  Read my first review of New Lakeview here:

Preserved Vegetable with Layered Pork (Mei Gan Cai Kou Rou)
Love me some PORK BELLAYY!! <3
  3.5/5 stars

 This was surprisingly good, my dad usually hates pork belly but he loved this!! He was like "Wow, a lot of people must order this because it tastes really fresh!! Who needs lean meat?" The pork belly itself was tender (but not quite melt in your mouth tender.) The meat had soaked up all of the sauce and the mei gan cai (preserved vegetables) added a ton of flavour!

Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls (the sauce was packed separately!)
3.5/5 stars

  I usually order their sweet & sour pork, but I wanted to see how their chicken version would fair!! I think I like this better than the pork version!! The batter was rather thick, but it wasn't greasy and exhibited a ton of flavour! I asked for this without bell peppers, so they gave us extra pieces of pineapple! I really liked how they packed the sauce separately, so the meat didn't get soggy! The sauce was tangier than the sauce on their sweet & sour pork (not sure why.)

 Braised Chicken
3.5/5 stars

  We had originally ordered their lemon chicken, but they gave us this instead!! We didn't really mind though, because this turned out to be pretty tasty...and the portion size was really generous!! The chicken was tender and silky, but my mom remarked that she thought the chicken tasted too fatty. It was covered in a light tasting cornstarch based sauce!

 Beef Chow Fun (Gon Chow Ngau Ho)
4/5 stars

  Gon chow ngau ho is usually a reliable testament of a Cantonese chef's skills. This was quite good, it was loaded with a ton of wok hey!! The beef could've been more tender, but it was flavourful nonetheless. This was a huge portion, I couldn't finish it (but then again, I was eating this with a ton of rice and sweet&sour pork.)

Sweet & Sour Pork
3.5/5 stars

  This will always be my go to!! Even though sweet&sour pork is regarded as a westernized Chinese dish, sweet&sour pork is actually authentically Cantonese (if done properly!)

  The one at New Lakeview is pretty solid, and their portion sizes are always huge! The batter is always crunchy and evenly coated with sauce!! The flavours are on the sweet side, with a heavy ketchupy undertone. 


I bought some organic sriracha that day hehe!! 

Surprise, surprise...I had some Luna & Larry's for dessert!! I had the cappuccino flavour this time!! :D

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  1. Wow! you PK a lot! literally. lols

  2. It's a Chinese slang. Literal translation is falling on the street. If you Dad speaks Cantonese, he should know ;o)


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