Sol's Korean Snack Bar - Hidden Gem in Ktown!!!

  OH.EM.GEE. guys. I love when I find hidden gems like this. I'm pretty sure this place will blow up in no time. Just wait 'till the word gets out ;)

  I kind of want to keep this place a secret, so I can make it my own little hangout place. But that wouldn't be very blogger-like, would it?

  This place goes by a few different names. Sol's Snack Bar, Sol Lee's Snack Food, and Myung Ga Snack Bar! It's located right beside Hmart, so it's super easy to find (but also really easy to miss!)

  The restaurant itself is insanely small, there's only 4 tables, and two staff members!! The entire time I was there, all the tables were filled, and there was a constant stream of customers getting takeout! Sol specializes in Korean street food (hence the name: snack) dkuk-booki, kimbap, mandu,etc, but they also have a few noodle dishes!!

  After we were done eating my mom and I were still hungry so we wandered over to Hannam Market and bought a ton of korean mochi hehe...and ate it on the staircase outside of Hannam Market!

  Kimbap + dkukbooki + mandu + gigantic baos + mochi...'twas a satisfying day :D

Kimbap $4.77
3.5/5 stars

  They only have one flavour of kimbap (unlike Kimbap Cheonguk) but this was still really yummy!! The flavours worked well together and the rice was the perfect texture! They brought it out right after we had ordered, so it was probably prerolled (but we didn't mind.)

Dkuk-bokki $4.77
4/5 stars

  Now that is some solid dkuk-bokki!! The flavours of some dukuk-bookis are dominated by gochuchang, but this wasn't!! You could really taste the fermented fish and the soybean paste. It had just the right amount of spice, spicy but still tolerable!! True to its name, this was indeed a snack sized portion!

Jjin Mandu $6.67
4/5 stars

  Another winner!! My mom and I gave these the thumbs up!! The wrapper was SUPER thin and perfectly chewy!! We could tell that these were house made. The interior was really flavourful and filled with vermicelli, scallions, and pork!

HUGE Wang Mandu (Baos) $7.61
4.5/5 stars

   Now for the main mom and I thought this was FABULOUS!! We both agreed that this was even better than most of the chinese baos (steam buns) we've tried. My mom hypothesized that they put glutinous rice flour in the batter, because the bun itself was a bit glutinous and had a lovely mouth fill!! The filling was super fragrant and perfectly balance: it was super flavourful but wasn't salty at all!


Our meal also came with some free soup!! 

Some obligatory Korean radish!

After lunch we picked up some mochi from Hannam Market cute are these?! They're dumpling shaped!!

These had sesame paste inside!!

These were covered with mung bean powder!!

Red bean <3

(Click to Enlarge!)

Love the vibe in here!! <3

  Sol Lee's Snack Food Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. You should try the food court place on the first floor on the North road Korean plaza that is next to the closed aquarium. That's some old school home style Korean food!! They have these dumplings the size of my fist!

    1. Yess!! I passed by and looked at their menu ~ I'm definitely going to try their mandu the next time I'm in Ktown! :D

  2. Mmm ! What's inside the Wang Mandu and Jjin Mandu ? Pork & cabbage ?

    1. Leek, pork, radish, and vermicelli if I'm not mistaken! :)


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