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  I go through phases. Be it with clothing, the books I'm reading, the videos I watch...and food is no different. My current food phase: Korean Chinese food! Hmm...must be all the mukbangs I've been watching...

  Most Korean Chinese restaurants have family combos (which come with a jajangmyeon, a jjampong, and tansuyuk/kanpoongi) for around $30. Considering the amount of food you get (which is usually enough for 3-4 people) $30 is a total steal! The one at Bbong is only $25.99/$27.99 (depending on which meat you get.) I usually bring my mom, she has the jaampong, I have the jajangmyeon, and we share the fried pork (we always manage to finish everything!)

  Bbomg is a new-ish restuarant that just opened in Hanin Village, beside Hmart! The inside is quite spacious, they have sectioned off booths for larger parties! Oddly enough the waitress didn't let me take pictures (at all) I had be super discreet about it (I wasn't about to let a photo opt go to waste!)

 Kanpoongi (Sweet & Spicy Deep Fried Chicken)
4/5 stars

 I like this alot better than Hee Rae Deung's version!! Compared to HRD's kanpoogi, BBong's is a lot more flavourful. It really packs a punch. It's rather sweet, but really heavy on the garlic (bring some mints!) The exterior is lightly battered and the sauce clings to each piece beautifully!

 Jajangmyeon (Black Bean Noodles)
3.5/5 stars

  Flavour wise, this far surpasses the one at Hee Rae Deung. The noodles however, were a bit lacking. They were a tad overcooked. The noodles are definitely better at HRD. The sauce was lovely though! Really flavourful, I could definitely taste the black bean!

  Jjampong (Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup)
4/5 stars

  According to my mom, this was unbearably spicy. She was hacking the entire time she was eating it and drinking copious amounts of water. But honestly, it really wasn't that bad. 

  There was no absence of flavour! We appreciated the generous amount of vegetables. This one had considerably less seafood than the one at HRD.

4/5 stars

  We really liked how they included fish cakes, most places don't. The pickled greens and kimchi tasted the same, and had a nice kick. The other table got pickled radish with their jajngmyeon, so they probably forgot to give us ours. 

Their family combos! (Click to Enlarge.)


  1. she wont let you take pics of the food?? wow im shocked that in this day and age they won't want you to take pics. i mean thats like free advertisement!!! She must not have heard of the power of social media (especially instagram)

    1. Ikr, I was shocked too haha!! Social media provides so much exposure! :D

  2. Replies
    1. LMAO...I can't believe I forgot to order some!!

  3. Umm, if any restaurant were to not let me take pictures of my food, I would just leave. How dare they commit such a heinous act of camera discrimination?

    That being said, your abilities to take photos discreetly appear to be much better than mine. =)

    1. LMAO I know dare they?! ;) Foodies would be horrified!!

      Ty, ty, I tried haha!

  4. As somebody who did this long time ago, on the perspective of picture taking, I will side with the restaurant. I had my share of runs with establishments with regards to picture policies and, in general, my thoughts were, if you don't have a sign telling me no pictures, that means I am free to take them. However, if the staff tells me no pictures, that means no pictures. Sure, you can try sneaking one here and there but, if you get caught, be wary of what extra might the food might include.

    To draw a parallel, think of you being a guest at somebody else's home. If the host has general rules, would you break them? Sure, you are paying for the meal but that does not entitle to do whatever you want in the establishment.

    As for social media and "free" advertisement, I will just say this: The same way you believe posting stuff in Instagram or similar avenues is positive, it can also be negative. It is after all a double edge sword. And, once again, bringing my get-off-my-lawn card, social media nowadays is overrated.

  5. You make some good points Kim! I guess I should have respected their policy, I feel kind of bad now haha. You're right, just because you're paying for a meal doesn't entitle you to do whatever you want :)

    Ohh I totally agree with you on this one: social media is *totally* overrated!! That's why I stopped posting on instagram haha!


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