Friend's BBQ Restaurant

  I read a bunch of negative reviews about the service at Friend's BBQ, so I came prepared for the worst. To my surprise (and delight) the service was great (but then again, I had an angry mom in tow.)

  My mom gave the waitress the dirtiest look when the char siu and roast pork came...she was like "There's so little meat! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!! I'M NEVER COMING BACK HERE AGAIN!!" I was expecting an argument to ensue, but the waitress smiled apologetically and walked away without saying a word. My mom is a hard woman to please (see what I have to deal with?)

  The waitress (who I suspect was the owner) came back to check on us a few times, and both times she smiled super big (probably because she thought my mom was still angry harhar...she was.)

  After finishing our pot of rice we were still hungry so we ordered a sweet & sour pork with rice...which we also finished!

Sweet & Sour Pork on Rice (Lunch Special)
4/5 stars

  This was surprisingly great!! This is the lightest battered S&S pork I've had!! As a result, the exterior was crisp and had a great crunch!! The sauce was a radioactive shade of orange, and was more sweet than sour. This came with a generous amount of rice underneath which we happily gobbled up!

BBQ Combo Plate
Char Siu & Roast Pork
Char Siu: 2.5/5 stars

  Portion wise, this was probably the thinnest sliced char siu I've ever had. The char siu at places in Richmond are twice as thick!! Same goes for the roast pork, the pieces were tiny! Flavour wise, it was just okay. The char siu wasn't flavourful enough for my liking, it lacked that distinct sweet-tish char siu flavour (I guess that's what the plum sauce was for.) 


Roast Pork
3/5 stars

  The roast pork was just average as well, the fat was juicy and succulent; the skin was crispy, but it didn't wow me. The pieces were quite small, which was a bit disappointing. 

Our bucket full of rice!! :D

Complimentary herbal soup!

The interior is interesting; one side of the restaurant looks like a HK Cafe, the other side looks like a Cantonese seafood restaurant! 

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  1. Wow I think your Mom and Sherman's Mother-in-law came from the same school of hard knocks !

    1. LMAOO Sherman's mother-in-law!! Yea, my mom is quite the character...

  2. "The waitress smiled apologetically and walked away without saying a word"... well, that is something I almost never experience at a Chinese restaurant. Your mom must have some very special powers!

    1. hahaha ikr?! Completely unheard of at a chinese restaurant!! LMAO special powers!! Specials powers that always allow her to get her way!! ;)

    2. Can we borrow your Mom when we go to those hardcore restos run by Dragon ladies and Kung Fu shifus ? Never hurts to have the ball in the customer's court .....

    3. LMAO!! Are you sure? You're going to have to deal with her sassiness!!! ;)


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