Guildford Sushi House - Samurai Sushi Clone?

  So my dad...being the cheap asian Dad that he is, wanted to go to Tengoku Sushi (his favourite sushi restaurant) but didn't want to shell out the extra $10 for his bento box (they raise the prices at dinner.)

  So he asked me to pick another restaurant in the vicinity. Knowing that he likes cheap, large portions, we decided to go Guildford Sushi House for dinner, Surrey's version of Samurai Sushi!

  Samurai Sushi is known for their monstrous, fist sized sushi. The house roll at Samurai Sushi is humongous, and Guildford Sushi House is no different. If anything, the one at Guildford Sushi House is bigger (I kid you not!)

  My dad was pretty shocked when they brought out the sushi and it was only then that I realized I had ordered too much food...jk there's no such thing as too much sushi ;)

Salmon & Tuna Don
3/5 stars

  I was going to order the salmon and tuna don, but my dad jumped on it instead!! Thanks for stealing my order, Dad!! As expected, the don came with thick slices of tuna and salmon. Everything tasted reasonably fresh, but the sushi rice was a little lacking, as it didn't have much flavour. Everything else was fine though!

Agedashi Tofu
4/5 stars

  We really enjoyed the tofu!! The batter was airy and crispy, it wasn't heavy at all!! The sauce that it came with helped enhance the flavour. The bonito flakes were a nice touch!

House Roll, Yam Roll
House Roll: 2/5 stars
Yam Roll: 2.5/5 stars

  This thing was massive!! In the end, I only stomached 2 and a half pieces. I asked for no raw vegetables so they loaded up on the imitation crab meat. The crab meat was fine, but the tuna in the roll tasted...old. The rice was a weird texture as well, it was wet and a bit mushy. The yam roll was okay, I appreciated the liberal use of yam. The exterior of the yam tempura could've been crispier. 

Chopped Scallop Roll
2.5/5 stars

  The chopped scallop roll was probably the best out of the three. Lots of scallop to go around, with a generous amount of mayo. If only the rice was better.

Like Samurai, they have pictures of the menu items on the wall!

Guildford Sushi House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Yikes, those rolls look quite rice-heavy!

    And I see that you're back at it again with the going outside just for the photos maneuver...

    1. haha they were really rice heavy!! I ate the filling and left half of the rice! :D

      LMAO that's totally my signature maneuver!! ;)

  2. love how u bring the food outside to take a pic! a true foodie!! :D

    1. hahaha why thankyou Alice!! I'll do anything for a good picture lmao!! :D

  3. I was gonna ask why the pics of the food were all outside. People and the owners musts thought WTF is that nut job doing?!!?

    1. LMAO people think I'm a nut job alright!! I always get the weirdest looks from people haha!


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