Hee Rae Deung Korean Chinese Restaurant

  I've been obsessed with Korean Chinese food, as of late. Namely jajangmyeon and tansuyuk. Squishy black bean noodles and deep fried pork...what a combo!!

  Jajangmyeon, kanpoongi, and tansuyuk is basically the Korean version of Chinese ja jiang mein, kung pao chicken and sweet & sour pork! It's totally different though! Korean jajangmyeon has a thicker paste, kanpoogi is deep fried instead of stir fried, and unlike the Cantonese version, the sauce for the tansuyuk is served on the side (and isn't a radioactive shade of red.)

  There are quite a few Korean Chinese restaurants in the vicinity, but Hee Rae Deung is one of the more popular ones!! They're famous for their humongous, family sized portions. I almost fell over when the waitress brought over my tansuyuk...it was shockingly HUGE. Not that I'm complaining, who in their right mind would turn down a mountain of deep fried pork?

  Your best bet is to order one of their combos, the smallest combo is only $32 and comes with a jajangmyeon, a jjampong, and tansuyuk ~ which is enough to feed 3-4 people, or 2 in my case. What can I say? My mom and I are big eaters! We managed to finish everything heheh

Danmuji + Black Bean Paste + Raw Onion
3.5/5 stars

   Instead of banchan, they serve pickled radish, and raw onions!! You're supposed to dip the raw onion into the black bean paste, to lessen the sting!

Spicy Sweet & Sour Fried Chicken
3.5/5 stars

 This was described as spicy, but it wasn't spicy at all! I would've preferred if it was spicier. I still really enjoyed it, the pieces of chicken were large and crunchy; and coated in a thick, mildly spicy sauce. I only managed to finish about half :D

3.5/5 stars

  The jajangmyeon here is one of the mildest I've had! The black bean flavour is really subtle. It makes sense though. Since the other dishes are pretty heavy, the jajangmyeon balanced everything out! I liked the fact that they loaded up on the onions, I love onions!! The noodles were soft and squishy!

The sauce is super rich!

Sweet & Sour Pork
4/5 stars

   The picture doesn't do the size justice!! It was huge. This is probably my favourite thing to order here. This is definitely sweeter than most of the Cantonese versions I've tried. The pieces of pork are larger too, much larger. The meat isn't heavily battered and I like how you have control of how much sauce you want on each piece.

Sweet & Sour Sauce for Tansuyuk
4/5 stars

  I love how the sauce comes on the side, so the pork doesn't get soggy!! The amount of veggies was also appreciated. The sauce is definitely tangier than most versions I've tried!!

Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup
4/5 stars
  They totally delivered on the spiciness!! This was much spicier than we were expecting, and we were impressed with the amount of seafood in there!! There was a ton of shrimp and squid in it!! Definitely got our money's worth! The noodles were nice and al dente too!

The jajangmyeon from our second visit!!

Unlike the other dishes, the rice was tiny *sadface*

We asked for more black bean sauce; I was expecting a dollop but she gave us a dish instead! Impressed!

FEASTING WITH MOMMA!! My mom was pleased with the portion size ;)

Always packed, even on weekdays!

The combos are a great deal, it saves you a ton of money!

I ate some of the ricecakes I bought at Hannam Market for dessert!! They were kind of dried out (probably because I bought them the day before.) Lesson learned, eat 'em while they're fresh!

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  1. Mmmm, everything looks delish ! Did you guys order the combos ? We shy from K meals often because we feel the value isn't there compared to other cuisines.

    1. I ordered the kanpoogi, jajangmyeon and rice separately on my first visit! The second time I brought my mom and we shared Combo A!

      Haha I get what you mean! Korean food is pretty pricey. Imho, Korean Chinese is more affordable than traditional Korean food, and the portion sizes are a lot larger! :D

    2. Interestingly, my family and I find Korean food to be one of the more affordable cuisines. Italian/French restaurants, on the other hand...

    3. hahaha you have a point!! Korean food seems relatively affordable when compared to Italian/French food, but it's definitely on the expensive side for asian food! :D

    4. @ Raymond, IME/IMHO, only upscale Japanese and Chinese can rival European cuisines in terms of high $/person in terms of costs (using Vancouver as sole example). Korean cuisine doesn't, and can't, reach high end dining in the same manner as Chinese and Japanese. Same goes for a few other Asian cuisines (ie: Vietnamese/Cambodian/Burmese) but Thai comes close. There isn't a single factor that determines the respective cuisines' abilities to achieve the levels they are at on the "food chain" in terms of perception, pricing, sophistication, exoticness, etc., but rather a collective set of factors.

    5. I suppose it might be that we pretty much only visit Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or European restaurants. We typically spend $10 to $30 per person when we eat out as a family, and Korean restaurants tend to be around the $15 per person range for us. Yeah, at Vietnamese restaurants, we never reach the $10 per person mark...

    6. Where do you guys go for Korean that's around $15pp ? Enquiring minds want to know !

  2. looks super yummy!! are the combos available during dinner time?
    PS I'm so glad you are updating more often now! really enjoy reading your blog :)

    1. hehe it was delish!! I think they are, but I'm not sure!! I hope they are haha!
      Aw thankyou Alice!! My allergy treatment sessions have been going really well, so I've been eating out a lot more!! :D


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