Hi Genki - 5th Visit!

 Happy (belated) Canada Day everyone!! Hope you had a swell time hanging with your friends and family...I sure did!! For Canada Day this year I went to Granville Island with my parents, in an effort to avoid the chaos that is Canada Place (I don't do well in crowds.)

  We had a blast! There actually wasn't a ton of Canada Day festivities going on (except for a few vendors) but it was still packed! (Not as packed as Canada Place though.) My mom got some cool bohomian-esque dresses from one of the vendors, and my dad got a neat shawl (which he proclaimed to be a tapestry. I kept insisting that it was a SHAWL. He didn't believe me.) We did the usual: we made rounds around the island, looking through windows, popping in and out of stores. My dad use to work in the Granville Island Public Market in the 80s, and every time we go there he remarks "I wonder if that old fart is still the manager."

  We actually didn't eat lunch at Granville Island, because my dad insisted on going to Hi Genki (his favourite restaurant) for lunch! Instead of going to an actual restaurant, we had dinner at Whole Foods because my parents wanted to do some grocery shopping. After perusing the hot bar, nothing seemed appetizing enough...so for "dinner" we had an entire...vegan chocolate mousse cake!! (Now that's how you do Canada Day!!)

Hamburger Patty w/ Demi Glaze
3.5/5 stars

  The hamburger patty is a new item on their specials menu, so we definitely had to try it! The patty itself was pretty tasty; moist and full of flavour!! The demi glaze helped perk things up. To top it all off, it was topped with a perfect sunny side up egg!

Spicy Chicken Kaarage
4.5/5 stars

  I finally convinced my dad to try a new dish (he always gets their katsu curry!) Thankfully he really enjoyed it, so he was all smiles for the rest of the meal!! His face lit up when he bit into his first piece and he was like "Wow...this is really good!" See Dad, I told you I have good taste! ;)

  And it really is that good. Juicy, succulent pieces of fried chicken, coated in a mildly spicy sauce! They gave us more chicken this time!

Katsu Curry
3.5/5 stars

  On another occasion my dad ordered his staple katsu curry, and he enjoyed it, like always!! The pork chop is always perfectly fried! The curry isn't anything special, it basically tastes like your typical glico curry.

Ebi & Satsuma Tendon (Prawn and Fish Cake Tempura Don!)
4/5 stars

  Omgg, I think I found a new favourite!! The fish cake is seriously addicting! Bouncy, glutinous, and full of flavour!! The tempura was tasty, but the batter was a touch too thick. The sauce they put on it makes it that much better!

Salmon Kama
Note my two bowls of rice ;)
4/5 stars

  Another one of my staples!! This time, it came with even more pieces! *Happy Selina!* The fish is always tender and flaky, never overly salty. And like always, I asked for 2 bowls of rice hehe

Both my mom and I had the salmon kama! 

My dad's salad!

The specials that day!

Our celebratory Canada Day cake!! :D

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake from Whole Foods
3.5/5 stars

  For a vegan cake, it wasn't bad!! I've definitely had better vegan cakes though. The interior was moist, but it was a bit dense. It was really chocolately though, and the mousse had a lovely mouth feel!

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  1. "...so he was all smiles for the rest of the meal" - That is so literally me when I come across an A or an A+ in my sushi!

    The Prawn and Fish Cake Tempura Don looks so good! I'm pretty sure I didn't see it during my visit to Hi Genki, and I would definitely want to try it the next time I go.

    1. heheh I can't help but smile when I eat something yummy too!! XD

      It was delish!! You HAVE to try it the next time you go!! :D


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