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  Ah, HK Cafes. A perennial favourite of mine. Sure, the sassy aunties who take your order can be pretty intimidating...but I try to not look them in the eye (it helps.) The nicer ones call me "Leng Lui" but most of them just glare at me when I try to speak to them in broken Cantonese. 

  That's why I like bringing along my mom or dad (who both speak fluent Cantonese) whenever I go to a HK Cafe/seafood restaurant/congee place/bbq shop. The ladies are noticeably friendlier and more accommodating. Maybe it's the language barrier? Or ageism? (Or youthism rather...)

  Intimating aunties aside, HK Cafes are one of my favourite places to grab a quick meal! Misunderstood by many, a HK Cafe is so much more than a mishmash of chinese and western dishes, it has a culture of it's own! 

  Oh, how I long to order a dong lai cha, baked pork chop rice, bo lo bao, HK style french toast, etc (HK Cafe classics!) ...that would be SO satisfying! But sadly, I can't eat dairy (that may change though, I'm currently undergoing desensitization therapy!)

  Anyways, my mom and I went to I Cafe for lunch the other day, and we were shocked by how packed it was! I guess I underestimated the popularity of I Cafe because we actually had to wait in line!

One of the nicest HK Cafes I've been to! High ceilings and lots of natural lighting!

Salt & Pepper Pork Chops
3/5 stars

  My mom had this dish to herself, and she gobbled it all up!! The seasoning was fairly straightforward: salt, pepper and some garlic! The pork chops themselves were okay, they were a bit dry and chewy having been fried. This was a pretty generous portion!

Curry Pork Chop (Entree Size)
3.5/5 stars

  As recommended by LotusRapper on Chowtimes, I decided to go for their curry pork chop!!  This was a very generous serving, this came with 2 humongous pork chops stacked on top of each other! The coconut milk flavour was noticeable, but hardly impactful. It wasn't spicy (like most HK style curries.) The pork chop on the other hand, was juicy and really tender!

The rice was huge!! (That's a good thing.)

Lunch Specials!

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  1. "As recommended by LotusRapper on Chowtimes, I decided to go for their curry pork chop!!"

    Thank you for listening to your elders ..... ;-)

  2. Another good spot for "Chinese curry" is Hoy's Wonton House on Kingsway. Order their curry beef brisket (has potatoes). Comes in a bowl that I wish was bigger, along with a generous plate of plain rice. Very good curry flavour profile, and the sauce just totaly "sends" the rice down my piehole. $7.50 ..... good value.

    1. Ohh Hoy's looks like a good Cantonese spot!! I'm always up for some chinese curry! Thanks for the rec, sounds delish! $7.50 is definitely good value! D

    2. Only pic I can find online of Hoy's curry beef brisket and it's not a good pic:


      Make sure it's the briskets you order (comes in its own bowl), and not the curry beef (ie: sliced beef) on rice.


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