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  Something you guys may not know about little ol' Selina here is that...Hunan is actually one of my favourite cuisines!! It may not seem like it since I eat Taiwanese, Japanese, and Cantonese food most of the time (as evidenced by my blog) but Hunan is seriously one of my favourites! The only reason I don't eat it that often is because of the severe lack of authentic Hunan restaurants in the Lower Mainland.

  Oh, how I wish there were more Hunan restaurants in Vancouver!! There's only like 2 legit ones. Alvin Garden and Lucky Noodle. Sure, most Chinese restaurants serve Hunan dishes, but it's just not the same (you know what I mean?)

  I've started ordering extra extra spicy at all the Sichuan and Hunan restauarants I go to now!! Medium spicy just doesn't cut it anymore. The more spicy food you eat, the more spice-tolerant you become. Yay for increasing my pain threshold!!

  Being the rice bucket that I am, I always have to load up on rice whenever I go to Chinese restaurant. So instead of just ordering 2 bowls like I always do, I decided to go all out and order an actual bucket!! Lucky Noodle actually has two rice bucket sizes: large and extra large. So for obvious reasons, I went with the XL. Apparently the XL size holds 10-11 bowls of   And yes...I FINISHED IT!! (Okay my mom ate a bowl haha.) What's hunan food without copious amounts of white rice? 

Braised Pork in Special Sauce - Dong Po Rou (aka Pork Belly!!!) $15.95
4/5 stars

  PORK BELLAY!! One of my all time favourites. This version was a bit different from the other versions I've tried, it wasn't sitting in or covered in a gloopy sauce ~ instead, it was dry with the sauce barely clinging to each piece!! The flavour was absolutely delectable, sweet, wine-y, with a ton of depth! The pork belly itself was tender (but not quite melt in your mouth tender.)

Stir Fried Pork w/ White Chilli (their signature dish!) $9.95
Lunch Special 
4/5 stars

  This is their signature dish, and I must say, it's really good!! I was surprised by the portion size, this came with a ton of pork and a huge side of rice! The pork was fried in bits, and covered in white chilli. I was expecting this to be really spicy, but it wasn't, it was mild! The pork itself was really fragrant from the white chilli! The dish was a bit oily, so it paired great with the rice!

Stir Fried Tung Choy $12.95
4.5/5 stars

  Given that I hadn't eaten any leafy greens in days (I'm so healthy right?) I felt obligated to order a plate of greens. This was quite pricey at $12.95, but the portion size was huge!! The waitress asked if I wanted this dry stir fried (dry as in plain) or with garlic...I went with dry! To my surprise, this was a hit! Even without the added garlic, this was super flavourful!! The veggies were perfectly cooked, not overly mushy, but not crunchy either.

Boiled Sliced Beef in Spicy Sauce (Water Boiled Beef in Chinese) $15.95
4/5 stars

  This was a pretty solid version of water boiled beef!! Granted, the beef wasn't all that tender, but the flavour was bang on!! Super spicy and full of flavour!! I liked how they added a ton of veggies! My favourite way to eat it is to scoop the spicy sauce onto some plain rice, and eat it by the spoonful! 

The boiled beef was pretty spicy so I ran next door and ordered a green tea boba from Bubble World!! How convenient right? 

You get free soup (or soy milk) if you order one of their lunch specials!


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  1. Oh my god... 10 bowls of rice... well that escalated quickly!

  2. glad you update so often now! :)
    I was thinking of trying this place until I saw the last pic. With all those fans I would assume they don't have AC?? definitely cannot eat spicy food in the summer without AC lol

    1. Aww thanks for the support Alice!! :D

      hahaha spicy food + hot weather = not a good combination!!
      It wasn't terribly hot in there, just a tad bit stuffy (and I went on a hot day!!) :D

  3. Mmm ! That pork belly looks good, it does seem a tad dry and not enough sauce (and also the dish looks small). Would you order it again ?

    1. The meat itself wasn't dry, there was actually enough sauce to coat each piece!! There was also a bit of oil on the bottom (but that didn't bother me.) The dish was rather small haha, much smaller than their other dishes! I would order it again, but I felt that it was rather pricey at $15.95!! :)


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