Shiro Japanese Restaurant

  As much as I love budget eats (it runs in my blood) I love splurging on a little something something now and then. And by "splurge" I mean spending more than $15 on a single dish...ha. (Yes I realize $15 isn't exactly splurging...)

  Well...if I'm going to park my money anywhere, it might as well be in my stomach!! (jkjk...I would rather buy a house.)

  Being the relatively price conscious person that I am, I rarely order "higher end" items like: lobster, crab, foie gras, deluxe cuts of sashimi, etc. If anything, the closest I'll get to eating high quality seafood on a regular basis is by way of ordering a chirashi don (or a sashimi don of some sort.) Sashimi dons are basically my "gateway" luxury seafood...until I can afford something else 

  Anyways, a few days ago my mom and I went to Shiro for lunch! Shiro is an authentic Japanese restaurant on Cambie, known for their amazingly fresh seafood! I enjoyed my first visit so much that I decided to revisit 2 days later! And guess what? The waitress remembered me!! :D

Tuna Avocado Don $9.95
Mom's Rating: 4.5/5 stars

  This was superb!! I guess this was pretty much their version of a poke! (Sans the salad.) My mom absolutely adored her tuna avocado don!! Not only was it visually stunning, it tasted great too! There was a generous amount of creamy, fresh avocado, which was a great contrast to the light, clean tasting tuna!! The addition of mayo added a bit of sweetness and tartness. The seasoned rice on the bottom was the cherry on top!

Sockeye Salmon Don $18.50
4.5/5 stars

  This was a bit pricey at almost $19, but imho, it was worth it! The cuts of salmon tasted super fresh!! The slices were quite thin, but understandably so. The rice they use is really high quality; it's perfectly seasoned and just the rice texture!! How cute is that salmon rose petal?! :D

Large Assorted Tempura w/ Rice - 4 Prawn, 4 Veggies $9.95
This combo came with a bowl of rice, but I also ordered a second bowl (you know me guys!)
4/5 stars

  This was a pretty generous portion, so it made for quite a filling meal!! I loved the assortment of rainbow coloured veggies ~ there was eggplant, bell peppers, broccoli, yam, kombucha, zucchini, and prawn! The batter was crispy, and super flavourful! Interestingly enough, I found the batter on the prawns to be a touch thick, while the veggies exhibited a nice, light batter!

At first I thought they were giving me a piece of kombucha tempura on the house, but turns out the kitchen forgot one piece so the waitress brought it over on a separate plate! 

We loved the miso soup here; perfectly balanced and not too salty!! 

 I ordered an extra bowl of rice to go with my salmon don hehe :D

To top it all off, you get pocky sticks for dessert!! Or in this case,"Pejoy" sticks!! :D

The second time I went I got actual pocky sticks!!

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  1. OMG pocky sticks? I'm coming to this place!

    Also, it's interesting how much more expensive the Sockeye Salmon Don is compared to the Large Assorted Tempura with Rice... I guess you do have to pay 2x more to go from a 4 to a 4.5!

    1. Yesss!! You have to, just for the pocky sticks ;)

      Ikr!! 4.5 stars doesn't come cheap haha!!


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