Last year (or was it the year before?) I was addicted to chirashi dons. Someone suggested that I check into Chirashiholics Anonymous (which was very appropriate for me at the time.) Chirashi dons satisfy my love of raw fish and my need for a carb heavy filler. Sushi doesn't have enough rice...oh how I wish it was socially acceptable to eat sushi with a big ol' bowl of rice! ;)

  Being the skytrain commuter that I am, I'm always on the search for good restaurants within walking distance of a skytrain station. Sushimoto, a korean run sushi restaurant in North Burnaby, is located steps away from Holdom Station!

  I asked the waitress to omit the raw veggies and lemon from my chirashi don (because of my allergy) but my chirashi don still came with raw veggies and lemon!! I had no choice but to send it back because raw vegetables and fruit make my tongue, lips, and throat swell (I couldn't eat the fish because of cross contamination.) I had specifically asked the waitress to omit them and repeated my request twice to see if she understood (to which she nodded.) They did remake my chirashi don but the waitress didn't apologize when I told her...she just seemed really confused. But in the end, I was satisfied with my meal! No complaints :D

Deluxe Chirashi Don $19
4/5 stars

  All in all, I was pretty pleased with my chirashi don!! The slices of fish were fresh and they included some higher end cuts (so I definitely got my money's worth!) The sushi rice was well made; vinegary and just the right texture!

Ika Kaarage $5
3/5 stars

  I wanted something hot to go with my (cold) chirashi don, so I got their ika kaarage!! This was a tiny portion - izakaya sized! The squid rings were lightly battered but rather greasy. The flavour profile was good though! This also came with a side of sweet thai chilli dipping sauce!

The original chirashi don (with the added lemon, green onion, and perilla leaf!)

Their cups are so cute!! 

They have an assortment of neat figurines displayed at the bar!

Sushimoto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. So... umm... should I be checking into Sushiholics Anonymous? =D

    The fish in your Chirashi Don all look so fresh! When I ordered sashimi from Sushimoto, I found it very fresh as well. It's good to see that they are consistent.

    Every time I come across a server who speaks with an accent in my sushi adventures, I feel like the servers know only the menu items and a few very basic phrases that people often say in restaurants. Whenever I try to make a special request, such as substituting a roll in a combo, I am always met with the most confused looks. I have had waitresses panic and hurry over to the sushi chef to see if he has any idea what I'm saying... A+ for customer entertainment?

    1. Oh most definitely bahaha!! You should check in...ASAP!! ;)

      It was indeed very fresh!! lmao customer entertainment!! Yea I've had that happen to me too, sometimes the waitresses don't understand what I'm saying!!

  2. Where does $19 for a Chirashi Don fit within the price range of chirashi don at other Japanese/sushi restaurants in Metro Vancouver ?

    1. I've seen anything from around $12 to $40 for a Chirashi Don. They're typically around $15 to $18, so $19 is slightly above average. But then again, this is a deluxe chirashi don...


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