Boiling Point - 2nd Visit!

  I'm at it again ~ eating piping hot food in 30 degree weather! ...a little sweat isn't going to stop me! 

  A few summers ago (in Taipei) I ate hotpot 3-4 times a week!! In Taiwan, personal hotpot can be had for as little as 100 TWD ($4!) Stinky tofu hotpots, seafood hotpots, coca cola hotpots (yes that's a thing)...I definitely had my fair share of hotpots that summer! 

  Nowadays I don't eat hotpot that often...due to the lack of personal hotpot restaurants in Van (my preferred method of eating hotpot.) I think personal hotpots are a Taiwanese/Japanese thing? (Japanese as in shabu-shabu.) Chinese style hotpot is eaten family style (with a huge communal pot in the centre.) As much as I love places like Little Sheep, I still prefer having my own little pot!!

  If I'm not mistaken, Boiling Point is the only restaurant (in Van) that specializes in Taiwanese-style personal hotpot!! It's pretty authentic...they even have stinky tofu and winter melon tea!! I enjoyed this visit more than my last visit, I'm definitely going to be frequenting this place in the winter!

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Thai Flavour Hotpot (Large)
Flaming Spicy
4/5 stars

  You can choose your spice level, and I went for the spiciest level possible...hehe. And it still wasn't spicy enough!! It was really flavourful though! It was tangy and tasted like tom yum soup! This had seafood in it: crab, shrimp, baby octopus, clams and cuttlefish!! I loved how they included a ton of veggies!

Taiwanese Spicy Hotpot (Large)
Mom's Rating: 3.5/5 stars

  My mom had the Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soup flavour...she thought that it was too spicy! In reality, it wasn't that spicy (but then again, I have a high tolerance for spicy food.) Her hotpot came with instant noodles (mine didn't.)

Iced Green Tea & Black Tea (included with every hotpot!)
4.5/5 stars

  The iced tea here is SO good!! The roasted tea flavour is really strong, and perfectly sweet!! I asked for no ice so it didn't taste watered down. For a place that doesn't specialize in drinks, they impressed me! I ended up eating 3 (yes 3) bowls of rice!! (My mom didn't want her rice.) MORE FOR ME!!

My third bowl!! :D

Just in case you forget where you are ^^

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  1. "Boiling Point is the only restaurant (in Van) that specializes in Taiwanese-style personal hotpot!!"

    Sorry Selina, but Pearl Hot Pot on Sperling @ Kingsway still does personal hotpots:

    1. haha I totally forgot about Pearl Hotpot!! I reviewed them in 2014! :D

  2. See:


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