Congee Noodle King

  Brunch at 10 am...what are your options? With my dad in tow...benny's are out of the question. Dim sum or congee it is! Instead of going to Victory Seafood Restaurant like we always do, we decided to drive a few minutes more to Cantonese breakfast purveyor...Congee Noodle King!

  CNK has a long and storied legacy amongst the Chinese community in Van...they've been around for ages!! Congee Noodle House (on East Broadway) is their sister restaurant! Read my review of Congee Noodle House here:

  My dad was incredibly pleased because most of the dishes on the breakfast menu were under the $5 mark. So in the end, we only paid $26 for 7 dishes!! Talk about a steal!

  Digging into our chinese donuts, my mom randomly comments:

  Mom: "You know yua zha gui (chinese donut) means Fried White Guy right?"

  Me: "Omg...I never noticed!"

  Dad: "Yea they're going to fry some white guys! Yum!"

  Me: "Then what does sweet chinese donut mean?"

  Mom: "Cow's tongue...because the shape resembles the tongue of a cow."

  Interesting eh?

Hot Chilli Minced Pork Lo Mein (Cantonese Zha Ziang Mian)
3/5 stars

  One of my favourite dishes to order at a congee/lo mein place!! Hot chilli Minced Pork Lo Mein is the Cantonese version of the chinese favourite: zha ziang mein. Cantonese zha ziang mein uses lo mein egg noodles, and the sauce is usually reddish in colour and noticeably sweeter. This was a an okay version; the noodles were cooked just right! The portion size was quite generous! The pork sauce was distinguishably sweet, but rather lacking in depth. This also came with some soup on the sauce, which tasted really shrimpy!

Sweet Chinese Donut, Salty Chinese Donut
3/5 stars

  The chinese donuts here are okay, they're pre made and likely bought from a supplier. Freshly fried chinese donuts are so much better! The donuts were a bit dense but they were still really flavourful! The sweet version was the perfect sweetness: not too sweet but not bland either!

Beef Cheung Fun
3.5/5 stars

  My dad always has to order some sort of cheung fun when we go for Cantonese food/dim sum. He opted for an ol' standby: beef. The cheung fun wasn't remarkable, but it did the job. The beef was flavourful and paired great with the si yao!

Fried Soy Sauce Noodle
3.5/5 stars

  This was made with vermicelli instead of wheat noodles! The noodles exhibited a nice wok hey, and was adequately flavoured from the soy sauce. Basic, but great paired with the congee!

Green Onion Rice Roll
3/5 stars

  We ordered another rice roll as a filler!! This was a pretty sizeable portion, but the roll itself was a bit too gummy for my liking. I asked for the sauce on the side, and the sauce arrived, like promised!

Sampan Congee
3.5/5 stars

  My parents shared the sampan congee, which was loaded with a hodgepodge of ingredients. The congee was creamy and the rice bits were very apparent. The portion size was huge, we got 5+ bowls worth of congee!

My dad kept making fun of me: "Who orders the morning, at a congee joint?!"

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