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  What was I thinking, eating piping hot congee in 30 degree weather? No regrets though (the congee was delish!) 

  A lot of my friends (and family members) grew up eating congee (on the daily.) My dad's really into congee (he's Cantonese after all!) I for one, didn't get into congee until my "food blogging" years. Growing up, I always thought that congee was soggy, watered down, and just plain bland. "Why would anybody want to eat wet rice?" -13 year old me. In reality, it was just my mom's congee...she's not much of a cook. Actually..."not much of a cook" would be an understatement...sorry mom  ~ you're the reason why I eat out so much :)

  It wasn't until I tasted legit Cantonese congee...that I began to appreciate the majesty of this humble little dish. Don't underestimate that hearty little bowl of goodness! Thanks to the plethora of congee joints in Van, you could, theoretically, eat congee into the wee hours of the night (McKim Wonton Mein Saga, Congee Noodle King and Congee Noodle House are all open until 1 am!)

 McKim Wonton Mein Saga doesn't specialize in congee (they're known for their wonton mein) but they still dish out a pretty decent bowl! I use to go to their Richmond location every so often (before they closed down.)

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Bitter Melon & Salty Pork Congee $5.75
4/5 stars

  Knowing that I had to get my veggies in for the day, I decided to go for the bittermelon and salty pork congee!! In reality, there wasn't any pork pieces, just slivers of pork. The congee was decently flavourful though, without being too salty!! There was a decent amount of bittermelon. The congee itself was nicely balanced; it wasn't too watery (or too thick.)

 Deep Fried Fish w/ Salt & Pepper $7.50
4.5/5 stars

  I can't turn down anything deep fried!! This was really tasty! I was expecting this to be made out of basa (or some other kind of inexpensive fish) but it wasn't!! It was another kind of fish (which I don't know the name of. ) The salt and pepper seasoning was delish, flavourful, with a nice hit of garlic!

2 Kinds of BBQ on Rice (Lunch Special)
Char Siu & Siu Yuk
Char Siu: 3/5 stars
Siu Yuk: 3.5/5 stars

  Their lunch specials are a really good deal, this was huge!! There was a ton of rice (which I was really happy about.) Given that they're not a BBQ house, the meats were just okay. The siu yuk was pretty tasty; crunchy skin and a nice ratio of fatty pieces. The char siu was a bit disappointing, it was a bit too lean for my liking and rather bland.

Tung Choy w/ Chilli & Fermented Tofu Sauce $8.25
4/5 stars

  Yum...I loved fermented tofu!! I use to eat it all the time with white rice. Yup, plain white rice and fermented tofu sauce (Chinese people consider it a "peasant" dish, but I love it!) The tung choy was fresh and flavourful, and the fermented tofu sauce gave it a nice kick!

My lunch special also came with a free hot drink...I ordered hot tea, but the lady gave me milk tea!

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  1. LOL I used to hate congee as a child too. It used to be like the ultimate food of doom that my mom would make me eat if I consumed too much junk food. I'm still not at the stage of appreciating the "majesty" of congee yet, but at least it's a dish I'd be willing to eat if my family ordered it as a sharable!

    That being said, bittermelons might possibly be my current ultimate food of doom. I get bitterflies in my stomach from eating it. Kudos to you for being able to withstand the bitterness!

    1. LMAO "the ultimate food of doom!" Well that's definitely a good way to get you to stop eating junk food!

      hahaha thankfully the ones in my congee didn't taste bitter, the congee flavour drowned out the bitterness! :D


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