It goes without saying that eating out (on a daily basis) takes a toll on one's health. Ever since I started eating out again, my skin has been suffering as a result. The additives/colours/preservatives in restaurant food make my eczema flare up. And it's dreadfully painful. So I decided to host an intervention. For myself.


   So, for the past 2 weeks, I've been eating a gluten-free, soy-free, organic, vegan diet. (How did I survive?!) Well I did. And I thrived. The results were instant. My eczema cleared up in the span of 2 days, my brain fog disappeared, I lost 5+ pounds...not bad eh? You don't realize the effect restaurant food has on your body until you stop eating it.

  Oh, and something that I have failed to mention is that I'm actually a closeted CELIAC. "Closeted" as in: I've never told anyone, because half of the time...I forget. Yup, according to my blood tests...I'm allergic to gluten and wheat!! (Oh, the horror!)


  Does this mean I'm going to stop eating gluten? Ideally, the answer would be: "HECK NO GIRL!!!" Gluten is in pretty much everything...(and every fried food that I love) so cutting it out entirely wouldn't be very realistic. But I'm probably going to have to practice "some sort" of avoidance in the future (for the sake of my health.) Sigh.

  Okay, enough about celiac disease...let's get on to the food, shall we?

  The other day, my mom and I went to S&W Pepper House (in Crystal Mall) for lunch! S&W is one of our favourites for authentic, Sichuan food!! I use to pass by on a semi-regular basis (when I lived 3 mins away from Crystal Mall.) On this particular visit, I was determined to try their water boiled fish (which is #1 on their recommended dishes list!!)

 Deep Fried Chicken w/ Red Pepper $11.95
4/5 stars

  One of my favourite Sichuan dishes!! Essentially bone-in pieces of deep fried chicken (sans the batter.) The chicken was crispy and flavourful. The red pepper was pretty much for show though, as it wasn't very spicy.

Boiled Sliced Fish w/ Veggies (Water Boiled Fish in Chinese) $12.95
Extra, extra spicy (I asked for Da, Da La!)
4/5 stars

  Wow, this was a steal!! Water boiled fish at most restaurants is $15 and up! And this version had a ton of fish!! The bowl was like a bottomless pit!! My mom thought it was way too spicy, and started choking, but I thought it wasn't spicy enough. The flavours were good, flavourful and adequately spicy (but not mouth numbingly so.) The pieces of fish were moist and tender, and there was a ton of bean sprouts at the bottom!

I ordered an entire bucket, to go with my boiled chilli fish!! I ended up eating 8-9 bowls...hehe!

On my first visit, I only ordered 1 bowl of rice (shocking I know.)

S&W Pepper House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Sorry to hear that you have celiac disease =( I admire your positivity about your health though!

    About that Water Boiled Fish dish... last time I had that, I didn't know it would be so spicy and my throat literally closed up after one sip. I had to tell the kitchen staff to wash out all the chili. After taking out about 95% of the chili, it was still way too spicy for me, so I had to manually pick out the chili with my chopsticks LOL! I was coughing non-stop and downed like a couple whole glasses of water. Not an experience that I would want to repeat again! And yet you say yours wasn't spicy enough...

    8 to 9 bowls of rice - that's more like it Selina!

    1. Aw thanks Raymond!! haha, gotta keep it positive! :D

      LMAO you asked them to wash out the chilli?! That's the best part!! I was eating the chilli flakes by the spoonful, and I drank the soup!! You have to work on building your spice tolerance! ;)

      hehe EXACTLY!! Rice is THE SPICE OF LIFE!!

    2. I know the chili is supposed to be the best part, but I sort of wanted to continue living...

  2. Hmm I have eczema too... I should try that diet... or avoid lots of foods my Chinese doctor has told me to lol (which I obviously don't)

    Sorry to hear you have celiac =( I heard some people are so sensitive to gluten they can't even lick envelopes anymore ><

    1. Aww you should definitely try it out!! I hope your eczema clears up :)

      Thanks Naomi!! Woah, I didn't know envelopes contain gluten haha!! I'll definitely avoid licking them from now on!! Thanks for the heads up! :D


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