Hmart Coquitlam - Korean Street Food!

  Things that went wrong on my first day back to school:

  - I felt extremely nauseated and lightheaded on my way to school.
  - I couldn't breathe on the 99 because the windows were sealed shut. (As a result...I had to get off the bus, twice, for fresh air.)
  - After nearly passing out from the lack of fresh air, I vomited in my mouth (so much for fresh breath on my first day back.)
  - It was raining...

  Things that went right:
  - I was really digging my outfit (and my space buns.)

  ...that's about it.

  What a great first day.

  On the bright side, I can relish the fact that all of my classes start at 4 pm this semester (no more getting up at 6 am!) And the fact that I only have class 3 days a week. I'm taking two online courses, for a total of 5 courses:

  Feminist Theory
  Shakespeare and the Renaissance (as an elective.)
  Qualitative Research (required.)
  Canadian Society (required.)
  The Earth and the Solar System (as a means to fulfill my science requirement.)

  Maybe 3rd year won't be so bad after all.

  Anyways...this visit to Hmart was from a few weeks back, back when I was still able to indulge in deep fried food (in all of it's gluten-filled glory!)

  Oh the deprivation!

  Read my previous review of Hmart here:

Japchae $3.99
3/5 stars

  My mom had this, and for the price, she thought it was decent!! This was a pretty large portion, the girls sitting beside us shared one portion! The sweet potato noodles were chewy and slightly sweet! This also had veggies, beef, pickled radish, and egg shreds in it!

Jajangmyeon Combo $6.99
w/ Mandu, Takoyaki & Deep Fried Seaweed Rolls!
3.5/5 stars

  This came with the jajangmyeon that we ordered! The deep fried seaweed rolls were SO good!! (More on the seaweed rolls below.) I'm so glad I got a separate order! The gyozas were deep fried (not pan fried) so they were extra tasty. The takoyaki tasted a bit mass produced, but it was fine!


Tteokbokki $3.50
3.5/5 stars

  What's Korean food without tteokbokki? This was different from the other versions I've had: the sauce was super sticky and really concentrated. I think it had something to do with the fact that it was pre-made and sitting in a box, so the sauce got a bit congealed. Taste wise, nothing particularly exciting, it just tasted like regular ol' gochujang!

Deep Fried Squid $3
Deep Fried Seaweed Rolls (stuffed with sweet potato noodles!) $3
4/5 stars

  Yesss! The stuff dreams are made of. Who can turn down an assortment of deep fried goodies?! The deep fried seaweed rolls were super crispy, and I loved the contrasting textures. The filling was awesome!! The slightly sweet noodles and the saltiness of the batter paired great with the seaweed! The fried squid was pretty tasty as well! The pieces of squid were cut into chunks, as opposed to the Taiwanese version!

2.5/5 stars

  This was probably the most disappointing dish, the other dishes were a hit! The sauce wasn't very smooth, it was a bit congealed. It was still pretty tasty though! The noodles however, were overly soft and clumped together. But for $5, it's forgivable! 

They give you the card(s) that corresponds with your order, and you bring the card to the counter to pay! :D

H-Mart Food Square Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. I'm not sure how convenient this would be for you, but have you tried taking the 84 bus from VCC-Clark instead? It is usually much less crowded and more breathable!

    Every time I go to Hmart, the only thing I end up getting is Kimbap. I think you know why. One day, maybe I'll evolve and try the other things too... =D

    1. haha wait ~ where's the VCC-Clark platform? I'm aware that there's a VCC-Clark line, but I've never been to the actual platform! Am I missing something? I definitely want to try taking the 84, the 99 is way too hectic! Thanks Raymond!! :D

      LMAO you can never stray too far from sushi! XD

    2. If you take the Millennium Line counter-clockwise (via Lougheed, Brentwood, etc.), then it's the very last stop (it's right after Commercial). If you're going clockwise (via Metrotown), then when you get to Commercial, you'll need to walk all the way down to the lower platforms and head west one station (this would require an extra transfer).

      Hope that works out for you!

    3. if you live around lougheed stn definitely take the 84 bus its much more convenient than the 99 Bline. Just get off at the last stop of the Millennium line (VCC Clark) down the escalator and theres only one bus there 84 UBC.

    4. OMG thank you so much guys!! You guys are lifesavers! I'm relieved I don't have to take the 99 anymore haha, it's way too crowded and overwhelming!

      *happy dance* :D

  2. We look forward to hearing good news about Selina's 84 Adventures!


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