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  It's THAT time of the year again. When I let midterm season get the best of me. Blogging completely slipped my mind after a slew of essays and midterms. It wasn't until Raymond messaged me that I realized it's been a whole 10 days since I last blogged!

  Yea...I'm probably not in the best position to write right now, because I'm currently suffering from writer's burnout. Such is the life of an arts student...

  At this point I'll be surprised if anything I type makes logical sense. As evidenced by the fact that I referred to "midterms" as "finals" (twice) in a message I sent on facebook...

  Anyways, Bubble World use to be one of my favourite chains back in the day, but sadly, they've gone downhill. I was pretty disappointed with the Metrotown location the last time around, so I wanted to see if their New Westminster location would fare better.

  The New West location is the closest one to my house, it's located a few blocks away from New Westminster skytrain station, and Douglas College (so it's always packed with students!) The other day when I was in Guildford I noticed that Bubble World Surrey reopened in their previous location (replacing Bubble Waffle Cafe!)

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 Stewed Pork Set
3.5/5 stars

  Other than their deep fried items, this is one of my favourite dishes to get at Bubble World! Granted, it's not as good as the dong po rou you'll get at an actual chinese restaurant, but it's pretty decent for a chain! The meat is nice and fatty! The sauce is a bit much though, it does get a bit salty, but other then that, it's fine!

Twice Cooked Pork Set
(This was from a few months back!)
3/5 stars

  Another dish that would fare much better at an actual Sichuan restaurant - twice cooked pork! Twice cooked pork is another underrated chinese dish, that when done right, leaves you craving for more! This was a pretty "meh" version, but decent nonetheless. The pieces of pork were crispy having been fried. The entire dish was a tad bit oily though. 

Side Dishes
2.5/5 stars

  Quite a random assortment of side dishes...wouldn't you say? The wakame was fluorescent green (even more so than the ones at your average sushi joint!)

    Like always...I ordered 2 bowls of rice heheh. I ordered a second bowl after I was done!

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  1. Don't worry, your entire post made total sense! =D

    Just make sure you get enough rest too during midterms season (unlike me). We don't want you to start mixing up things like rice and corn in future posts!

    1. hahahah thanks Raymond!! Make sure you get enough rest too, no more late night snacking! ;D


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