Fortune City Dim Sum - 2nd Visit!

  T'was an exciting week.

  I signed up for a long overdue subscription to the New York Times (I always max out my free article allotment.) dad got a new car...I ordered a much needed replacement for my outdated Galaxy (yup...that's about as exciting as it gets.)

  Well, at least until I win the lottery.

  And considering the fact that purchasing a LottoMax ticket every week is actually a part of said routine, it's probable okay! (Fun fact: I get carded every time! I not look 19?) dad and I went for dim sum at Fortune City the other day (by virtue of the fact that it was close to where he was picking up his car.) Well, more like, I yum cha'd by myself (while he was at the dealership) and managed to devour 7 dishes by the time he got back.

  In the span of an hour, I ate:
   - a plate of salt & pepper shrimp
   - 4 sesame jin dui
   - 4 siu mai
   - 4 har gow
   - 4 shrimp springrolls
   - 4 scallop shrimp dumplings
   - 4 mushroom cheong fun
   - 1 goji-osmanthus jelly
   - half of the spareribs & pumpkin on rice

  What my dad ate:
  - 2 dan tat
  - 2 goji-osmanthus jellies
  - half of the spareribs & pumpkin on rice

  See the discrepancy here?

  Mind you, he didn't want anything else (it's not like I greedily ate everything by myself.)

  Read my previous review of Fortune City here:

Stir Fried Salt & Pepper Shrimp
3.5/5 stars

  This was suspiciously flavourful...which made me suspect that it was spiked with MSG. My suspicions were confirmed by my unquenchable thirst post meal. Execution wise, it was decent! The exterior was crispy and it wasn't too oily! 

Siu Mai
3.5/5 stars

  These were some hefty pieces of siu mai! (The ones at Western Lake are even larger.) There was a noticeable porky essence when I bit into it. The siu mai itself was quite juicy!

Pumpkin & Spareribs Claypot (Bao Zai Fan)
3/5 stars dad ordered this EXACT dish at Fortune City two years ago...I can't believe he picked out the same thing, two years later! I didn't realize until I got home and looked at my old review of Fortune City! Old habits die hard, I guess.

  The bao zai fan here is pretty decent. Sure, the spareribs are quite fatty and a little oily, but it still tastes pretty good! The dish would have benefited from a bit more pumpkin. Even my dad was like "where's the pumpkin?"

Har Gow
3/5 stars

  Har gow - the barometer upon which a dim sum restaurant is judged! The har gow wasn't amazing by any means, but it was decent!! The skin was a touch thick, but the shrimp was plump and flavourful!

3 Kinds of Mushroom Cheong Fun
3/5 stars

  I love ordering mushroom filled cheong fun! I had an amazing one at Tim Ho Wan (the Din Tai Fung of dim sum) a while back. In comparison, this was subpar (as expected.) For a mushroom dish, I was expecting something more fragrant and earthy tasting.  

Shrimp Spring Roll
4/5 stars

 This was my favourite dish of the meal!! The spring rolls were massive and filled to the brim with pieces of plump, juicy shrimp. It wasn't oily in the least!

Shrimp and Scallop Dumpling
3.5/5 stars

  Taste wise, I really enjoyed it, but the skin itself was a little gummy for my tastes. When you bite into it, the first flavour to hit your palette is chive (not scallop...or shrimp, surprisingly.)

Sesame Jin Dui 
4.5/5 stars

  Definitely wasn't expecting the jin dui to be this good!! The sesame flavour was super fragrant and insanely potent. They definitely didn't skimp on the sesame paste! It wasn't overly sweet either!

Dan Tat
3/5 stars

  My dad got an order of his favourite dan tat! These were much paler in colour than your average dan tat. The crust was buttery, but not flaky enough (one can tell from looking at the picture.) It was perfectly sweet with an egg-y finish!

Goji-Osmanthus Jello 
3/5 stars

  I ordered these expecting them to be the clear version, but turns out these were made with coconut milk! As a result, the jello was rather creamy. There was a strong orange essence in addition to the goji berry flavour.

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