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  So you're at a ramen place. And you're kind of, sort of, not a ramen person (which is literally, like, not possible.) Can you tell I've been binge-watching sitcoms? On Netflix? Cause I'm starting to talk like I'm in one.

  Which is a bit concerning.

  Orrrr, you're like half of the town: you're gluten-free (like me,) and/or paleo, "vegan" (sushi is an exception) high-carb, low-carb, raw, dairy-free, soy-free slash all of the above. You have special dietary needs. We get it.

  (Don't get offended, just trying to poke some fun at myself. Exclamation mark.)

  Yea. Dining out can be tricky. Especially when your friends try to drag to some hip ramen place because it's getting "cold" out. Puh-leeze. It's only October. Ish.

  So a polite back and forth commences between you and the waitress:

  (This actually happened btw.)

  You: "Hi! I just wanted to let you know...I have allergies. And some dietary restrictions."

  Waitress: "Let me get our allergy handbook."

  You: "You have an allergy handbook? Nice." (This got me really excited.)

 Waitress: "Hmm...I'm not sure what you'll be able to have."

  You: "Can I read it?"

  Waitress: "No...it's against our policy to let customers read our handbook."

  You: "Then can you tell me what the ingredients are?"

  Waitress: "Well...no, that's also against our company policy. I'm not allowed to disclose the ingredients."

  You: "Uh...alright."

  Waitress: "I'll just tell you what you'll be able to order."

  You: "Okay?"

  Waitress: "Erm...I'll be right back."

  *Huddles at the till with 3 other crew members.*

  2000 YEARS LATER...

  Waitress finally resurfaces: "You can order a donburi."

  You in your head: Well thanks for the confirmation.

  Sidenote: I was going to order a donburi all along but I wanted to see if they had other options. One dish doesn't make for a very exciting blog post!

  You: "Okay, thank you. I'll order the pork chasu bowl." (It was delicious btw.)

  Read my review of Ramen Jinya's downtown location here:

Regular Pork Chasu Bowl $8.80
4.5/5 stars

  Totally worth the 20 minute back and forth with the waitress. The chasu was seared, so it was incredibly crispy and fragrant. I also liked how they didn't drown it in sauce. I got the larger size, but I was bit disappointed by how tiny it was! They were generous with the pork, but given that I asked them to omit the egg, I was expecting a little more rice. Oh well!! 

  Given that I was low on veggies that day, I had some spinach on the side!

Condiments! They don't have condiments on the side at their downtown location!

  Jinya Ramen Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Omg "Vegan (sushi is an exception)"... sounds just like me if I were to be vegan!

    "I'm not sure what you'll be able to have" doesn't sound very reassuring at all!

    1. LMAO you could totally be vegan if sushi was the only exception!!

      Not reassuring at all, but she was really friendly about it! And in the end, I still had an awesome meal! :D


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