Sasamat Pizza & Chicken - Korean fried chicken!!

  OMG...I fell asleep during class yesterday and started SNORING. LOUDLY. According to my friends, everyone in the room was looking at me. But my prof didn't know it was me and she actually went outside to "investigate" the mysterious noise.

  Anyways, my friend Pam tipped me off about this awesome fried chicken place near UBC...and not just any fried chicken! KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN!!! (My favourite type of fried chicken.)

  So being the chicken crazed girls that we are, we gathered in the AMS Student Nest for lunch and ordered delivery from Sasamat Pizza & Chicken!!

  Sasamat Pizza & Chicken is right beside the Kitchen Korean Restaurant on Sasamat I wonder if the two are affiliated? Because both places are Korean-owned!

  And since no fried chicken meal is complete without some fries...I went downstairs to Flipside (a fast food stall in the Nest) and got a large order of french fries!! Plus a bag of Lays and a bottle of GoodDrink green tea!

  Pam ordered the garlic soy fried chicken and I ordered the half&half - half yangnyeom and half original! They messed up our order, they gave Pam half garlic soy, half original, and they gave me a full order of yangnyeom! We didn't really mind because we ended up sharing (and I ate most of it...even her boyfriend was shocked at how much I ate!)

As you can was my gluten-filled cheat day! 
Sorry for the picture quality, I was at school so I didn't have my camera with me!

Boneless Yangnyeom Chicken - Sweet & Spicy $24
4/5 stars

  This was delish!! It was lukewarm by the time it got here, but the flavours still shone through!! Characteristically sweet, savoury, and a wee bit spicy! I noticed that the chicken was very lean, there weren't any fatty pieces! Given how lean it was, the chicken pieces weren't very tender, but it was still yummy nonetheless!

Medium Bulgogi Pizza $15

  Yes...bulgogi pizza is TOTALLY a thing!! Pretty genius if you ask me. I didn't try this, but my friends looked like they enjoyed it, they devoured the whole thing! It was loaded with cheese and bits of bulgogi beef!

Boneless Soy & Garlic Chicken $25
Fried Chicken
3.5/5 stars

  In the box the two flavours looked really similar, so I liked how they separated the two! The fried chicken was delish; the meat itself was super lean and lightly battered. I liked how it wasn't overly salty!! In fact, this was the least saltiest fried chicken I've ever tried!

Large French Fries from Flipside (in the AMS Nest) $4.95
3.5/5 stars

  These pretty much tasted like frozen french fries...but they were still super satisfying!! (I haven't had fries in forever!) The portion size was pretty large as well, I'll definitely order these again if I'm in need of fries at UBC!

I also picked up a pack of Lays & GoodDrink green tea from the Delly (in the Nest!)

hehe...I was the only one who got dessert from Qoola!! Dairy-free mango sorbet :D

Picked up a pack of my favourite aspartame-free gum...I discovered these last year at Whole Foods!! They sell these at the Delly now! 

Sasamat Pizza Factory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Snoring loudly in class... that's pretty epic! I do fall asleep in class from time to time, but I'm nowhere near your level yet!

    I can't imagine Bulgogi Beef in pizza, but that pizza looks pretty darn good. One day, if I ever feel like getting something other than sushi...

    1. heheheh SO EPIC!! You should try it sometime ^^

      LMAO when are you *not* in the mood for sushi?!


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