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 Guess what guys? I got a new phone!! You know what that means...right?! (Besides the fact that I'm going to take a gazillion selfies...JK I wouldn't do that...selfies are gross.)

  But what you can expect from me is: an obscene amount of instagram stories and ironically captioned photos (actually no, I'm terrible at captions.)

  If you're the nosey person that I presume you to be (which you probably are...that would explain why you're reading my blog) then you can follow me on instagram, where I'll be posting about all DA juicy details regarding my life (yup...just call me Kim Kardashian. Or Kylie...I'm most definitely Kylie. Actually ew, don't call me Kylie.)

  (I have an instagram widget linked on the side of my blog now! Pretty snazzy, eh?)

  Anyways, Jeremy and I went to Fable for brunch on SaturDATE (ha, see what I did there? NVM, that pun's been overplayed.)

  After pouring over the menu for what seemed like ages (okay, it was actually because we were hopelessly DISTRACTED...so much so that the waitress came back to inquire on us 3 times.)

  After a decidedly delightful brunch, we meandered over to O5 Tea Bar for some much warranted relaxation...in the form of Korean Tea Flights! (Recreational tea drinking is my pastime of choice.)

Eggs Benedict with Olive Oil Hollandaise (Halibut Version) $15

  After going back and forth between the Omelette and the Eggs Benedict, Jeremy settled on the benny as his main of choice. He seemed to have enjoyed it because he cleaned the plate in it's entirety (yolk and 'daise included.)

Steak & Eggs $17
Rosti, Rustic Bread, 3 oz Flat Iron Steak, BPJ
4.5/5 stars

  I only had eyes for the steak (and the pork belly!) I've been anticipating this all week! Definitely wasn't let down because all the components were phenomenal (the rosti being an exception, it was overly salty.) As requested, the steak was cooked to a perfect medium-rare. Yea, they could've eased up on the salt, but other than that, I was decidedly impressed (if only the steak was larger!)

 House Bacon w/ Apple Puree  $5
4.5/5 stars

  Heh, a measly piece of pork belly bacon for $5?! Let me qualm your suspicions (or scoffing rather.) This was TOTES worth it, yo. Most def.

  This ain't your mama's bacon, because it ain't meant to be! Thick cut, juicy, and delightfully seared on the outside, even bacon haters will love this! The apple puree accentuated the savouriness of the pork and made way for a medley of flavours.

House Sausage w/ Black Pepper Jam $5
4.5/5 stars

  Definitely on the fence about whether I like this, or the House Bacon better (I would gladly eat either or for the rest of my life.) Let not looks deceive you, for this wasn't your average sausage patty...no sir it wasn't!

  Delectably indulgent, the incorporated seasoning enhanced the moistness of the patty, with the black pepper jam lending just the right amount of punctuated flavour. 

 Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice (Large) $6
4/5 stars

  Funny story, they had mistakenly brought this to our table; once we notified the waitress, she took it back. Then I had second thoughts and the regret set in: "Why did I send it back?!"

  So the only logical thing to do was to order another glass!! Strangely enough, they have 2 sizes, one "large" (which looks a whole lot like a regular to me) and a small, which is more of a shot than anything else.

  The juice was lovely, but nothing I couldn't easily replicate at home. I rejoiced in the fact that they didn't add any sugar, I love the natural tanginess of a tongue-puckering grapefruit!

Jeremy needed his caffeine fix for the day! (I on the other hand, run fine without it.)

Chocolate chip cookies with our bill!! I wonder if they're made in house, or from a local bakery? 

We were SO tempted by the french toast! Gobsmackingly intrigued, in fact.

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