Rajio Japanese Public House - Birthday Celebration!

  The past week has been a whirlwind of emotions (you may or may not know what I'm referencing to if you're friends with me in real life.)

  Nah, I'm not going to let you guys in on matters concerning my personal life (HA.) Not like you'd be interested in knowing anyways...

  Pre-party Jeremy and I went library hopping around Kits and Point Grey. (Yes that's a thing.) Then we perused the aisles of Whole Foods, where I schooled him on everything organic, non-GMO and fair trade. (I also educated him on the evils of aspartame.) After meandering around Kits for what seemed like hours, we finally made our way to LUSH and bought our friend Atsumi a birthday present! While we were in there Jeremy got distracted by a soap jelly...but luckily, I was able to reprimand him.

  The funny thing is...when we got to Rajio, Jeremy's prof was there too! Talk about awkward...jk, it wasn't awkward at all! She was really chill and I showed her my blog! Not to mention she didn't resemble a professor AT ALL...she looked like she was in her late twenties!

  Near the end of the dinner the staff at Rajio did a little "performance." The waiter did this candle trick with his hand, he somehow got a candle to "float" (with some glue perhaps?) while we all chorused in a round of "Happy Birthday!" Pretty cool if you ask me. But then again, I'm easily amused. (Refer to the picture below.)

  Read my previous review of Rajio here:

Heavenly Sweet Shrimp Miso Ramen $11.80
4/5 stars

  Jeremy ordered this and I had a sip. It was stunning! It really did live up to its namesake. The broth was heavenly indeed, with melodious notes of sweet shrimp and miso. For a non-ramen place, the cha su was surprisingly pleasant! Tender and melt-your-mouth. The bowl itself was a tad small, but I wasn't expecting anything larger, being that Rajio is an Izakaya!

Rajio's Famous Watermelon Fruit Punch
3.5/5 stars

  Trying to stay sober here guys! Yea, I totally reprimanded Jeremy for ordering this (jokingly of course) because we both laughed at how "basic" it was. "Basic" as in Pumpkin Spice Latte basic, if you know what I mean.

  Jokes aside, this was a decent drink! It tasted like a fruity concoction of watermelon and citrus (which was essentially what it was.) 

  The table ordered some kushikatsu to share, but we ordered our own! Here we have what appears to be some vegetables? They were all covered in batter so I couldn't tell. I was expecting the "One Dip, One Life" jar, but they didn't give it to us! Instead, the sauce just came in a boring 'ol tray!

More kushikatsu!
Ha, the ones on the far right look like chicken nuggets!

  Our individual orders of chicken/shrimp/tuna came in a cute little tray!

Seafood Bombshells $8.20

  My friend Rebecca ordered the seafood bombsells! I'm going to refrain from saying they looked bomb, cause that would be the predictable thing to say. So I'm going to say that they looked...err...dopetastic? Nah. They looked good though, all breaded in panko!

Kakuni Bibimbap Stone Bowl $10.80

  I've ordered this before, and thoroughly enjoyed it! They also have this exact dish (under the same name) at Suika, but according to Food Wench, it's a bit different! Read my review of their kakuni bibimbap here: http://www.vancitynoms.com/2015/10/rajio-japanese-public-house.html

The KFC - Chicken Kaarage $7.80

  Moving onto one of the appys Jeremy had, the chicken kaarage, a beloved izakaya classic! These looked like they were executed well, crispy skin and all!

Hot Stone Crab Bibimbap $13.20

  The prof and one of my classmates ordered their hot stone crab bibimbap, which looked just as enticing as their kakuni version, all decorated with fish roe! And like always, the server mixes it for you at your table!

Oh man, is my friend Rebecca talented or what?!

Here's what we got Atsumi!

Quite the performance, wouldn't you say?

The fresh sheet! (For your reference.)

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  1. Hey! Lots of university instructors are in their late twenties! We're not all old ;)

    Haha, I still need to make it to Rajio. I live so close, and it's the only restaurant in the chain that I haven't visited yet!

    1. LMAO oops, was that offensive? My apologies to all the young professors out there!! You're a prof aren't you Food Wench? ;)

      Yess you definitely should, it's so close to UBC! Definitely a good place to hang out after a long day at school!

  2. I've been working as a instructor for the biochem department over the past year, but I'm actually switching career paths and starting a new job in industry in a couple of weeks. But if I don't like it, I just might be back at UBC eventually!


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