The 2016 Vancouver Christmas Market!

  When you're up to your neck in assignments and don't have the time (or energy) to blog. #sadlife. Yea...these days (being finals season and all) I'm not very enthused, nor motivated, for that matter. Taking 5 courses definitely seemed more palpable at the beginning of the term (now, not so much.) I'm physically depleted, but still mentally SOUND.

  Sigh...can't a girl just grub and shop?! (Okay, I'm feeding into stereotypes here.)

  "FINAL GRIND can make it!" thing I can look forward to is: my upcoming trip to Cancun! I'm leaving on the 22nd so I'm going to be spending Christmas and New Years there! Exciting times..."in this lil ol' life of mine" (ok that rhyme really wasn't necessary Selina.) Why yes...referring to myself in the third person is a habit of mine...

  Being that it is December going on festivities are well underway already! As evidenced by our recent trip to the Vancouver Christmas Market last Saturday. We had a magical time (because c'mon...anything remotely Christmassy is magical.)

  We got the Couples Combo, so we ended up saving how much? (Whatever, that's irrelevant.) The couples combo comes with 2 tickets, 2 carousel rides (which we have yet to use, because it was miserable outside) a gingerbread cookie (holla) a photo booth thingy, and (get this)...a seasonal pass! NICE.

The first place we hit up...BRAT HAUSSSS! (Man I love saying Haus. HAUS. There, I said it again.)

3.5/5 stars

  Sans bun for me cause I'm all about avoiding dat gluten. And yes, Freybe is *certified* gluten-free!'s nitrite free! (Something I always look for in processed meat.) But you know I still prefer BESTIE on Pender. Now that stuff is legit.

Jeremy's gluten-infested version of the DAS BRAT. 

SECONDS YO, CAUSE WE RAVENOUS LIKE DAT. (Did you honestly think an entire pork hock would be enough to fill us up?!)

Whole Pork Hock (1 Order, Two Portions) Much to my dismay, it came with some gluten-ed bread (quit tempting me!)

4/5 stars

  GOTTA GET DEM PROTEINS IN. (Do you even lift, BRUH?) Well, we definitely hit our protein benchmark that day by consuming an ENTIRE pork hock between the 2 of us. With copious amounts of relish to boot (man that stuff is addicting. And palate-cleansing.)

  Nothing like a bit of fat to render that pork hock to perfection! And get some gristle stuck in your teeth while you're at it, because that means you're getting ALL UP IN THERE! Don't get me started on the PORK CRACKLING!

  Yea, sexy or not, I'm gnawing at the bone.

Korean Pajeon (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

3.5/5 STARS

 Some pajeon...because...WHY NOT?!! I'm always down for some Korean. This version just so happened to be potato-based, so NO FLOUR WHATSOEVER (which renders it gluten-free.) DUDE, I need the seafood version of this! It came with some applesauce on the side, which worked surprisingly well with the flavours!

Hurricane Potato (The ketchup version, cause I'm not keen on their flavoured powders.)

3/5 stars

  WHAT IS DIS...THE RICHMOND NIGHT MARKET?! Not that I minded. Always up for some deep fried potato on a STICK!

Jeremy's hot chocolate, which he then proceeded to spill ALL OVER OUR UMBRELLA. 


SOME APPLE defrost my very frozen hands.

  I devoured the bar in its entirety, which rendered me HELLA HYPER for the remainder of the day. This one was pimped with Yerba Mate (if that isn't alluring, I don't know what is.)

  BUNNY FRUIT SNACKS (and organic ones at that...cause we juvenile like dat.) 

  FOR SOME REASON I WAS EXPECTING THE COOKIE TO BE IN THE FORM OF A GINGERBREAD MAN. This'll do tho (in fact, I prefer this.) Oh, and they get points for being artisanal gingerbread cookies! Cookie aside...DAT DEPTH OF FIELD is *insert slang term here.* Good job iphone.


  This ain't no farmer's market. That's soap YOOO. Soap made out of FRUIT EXTRACTS!



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