Nice Vice Creamery

  Ice-cream is my kryptonite. Ironic in that an alternative definition for kryptonite (as it pertains to food) is a "substance in which one is allergic to." The irony plays out in that I'm allergic to actual, dairy based ice-cream (so I have to settle for the non-dairy, vegan version...which I'm totally okay with.) Despite the plethora of gourmet ice-cream shops in and around Vancouver, Nice Vice is notable in that all of their flavours are organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free (my precise dietary needs.)

  Being that we were the only customers during the duration of our stay, Chris, the owner, graciously let us sample all the flavours before we settled on our favourites of choice. And this was after our brunch at Cafe Deux Soleils (we sure got our fair share of calories that day!)

 "Nice Vice" is a metaphorical play on words. The ice-cream names actually allude to Chris' time in rehab, hence the flavours: "chocoholics anonymous" "strawberry fiends forever" "lemonhead" and "buzz'd coffee." Most ingenious, wouldn't you say?

Avocado Matcha Fudge, Mango
Julie's Rating: 4.5/5 stars

  Julie went for the avocado matcha fudge, and mango. The avocado matcha fudge is one of the more indulgent flavours on the menu, and noticeably more creamy in texture. The mango was mango-ey indeed, and exhibited a nice tang without being overly sweet. 

Buzz'd Coffee, Lemonhead
4/5 stars

  After trying a dizzying amount of flavours, I chose the buzz'd coffee, being that I rarely consume coffee due to the drying effect it has on my skin. The lemon was a refreshing contrast to the robustness of the coffee. The lemon was noticeably lighter, sorbet like.

Gourmet salts that you can add to your liking! Standouts: Thai Ginger Salt, Lavender Salt, and the Matcha Salt!

Black Sesame - another favourite of Julie and I!

The aftermath of our sampling.

Kombucha on tap yoo!

Kombucha floats got me like 

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