Deer Garden Restaurant - Coquitlam!

  LONG TIME NO CANTO FOOD! Seriously, how long has it been since I last ate asian food (or rice for that matter?!) Weeks, months? Who knows...cause I ain't keeping track, but it's sure been a while (going gluten-free does that to you.)

  Considering that I use to subsist on asian food alone, the different is quite stark. This meal was particularly satisfying in that I had the opportunity to gorge on a food I had put off for so long...rice!

  Deer Garden has been a staple in the Chinese community of Coquitlam/Port-Coquitlam for the past 25 years (take it from someone who's spent 10 years of her life there.) It's located right beside Henderson Place (the Crystal Mall of Coquitlam) and the new Evergreen Line. I vividly remember coming here with my mom when I was just a wee little tot (but I couldn't eat anything back due to the extremity of my allergies.)

  The funniest thing happened when we were there...when I told the waitress that I didn't want oyster sauce with my gai lan, she said "What?! It comes with oyster sauce!" Upon repeating my request, she rolled (yes rolled!) her eyes at me (which I thought was rude at the time...but looking back, I find it hilarious.)

Curry Beef Brisket
4/5 stars

  YUM-O! If this isn't comfort food, then I don't know what is. Cantonese curry is distinct in that it borrows from Malaysian style curry, but is noticeably more muted and sweeter in taste. The coconut milk was very apparent in this one, with the beef brisket being tender and generously portioned.

Gai Lan (Sans Oyster Sauce)
4/5 stars

  Not much to say about this aside from the fact that it's a staple at any Cantonese restaurant. This one was good in that it was fresh and not wilted.

Vegetarian Curry
4/5 stars

  Julie isn't very enthused with curry to begin with, hence her (personally) low rating. However, I had a few heeping spoonfuls of her curry and found it to be delightful and pungent in flavour. Interesting enough, it tasted slightly different from my beef brisket (probably from the inclusion of vegetables) and was more watery as a result.  

Can't do without HK LEMON ICED TEA!!

My curry beef brisket also came with some pork bone soup!

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