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  I'm back, fam! Ah, it feels so good to be blogging again. My blog is where I'm most comfortable. I've been MIA from social media the past few weeks because OMG...I've been so overwhelmed as of late. Finals, papers, presentations, personal stuff...life just gets to you sometimes. So I apologize for the lack of posts. I'm in the midst of finals season right now, I'll definitely be blogging more come summer!

  The fact that I'm eating out twice a day now (with snacks in between) makes it harder to keep up, photo wise. Add one more person to the mix and the photos start adding up...real quick. (Thanks a lot, Jeremy.) Seriously, the amount of food photos I have on my phone is getting a bit ridiculous (you feel me, foodies?)

  It's only now occurred to me how close I live to Granville Island (West 4th, to be specific.) Back when I was living with my parents in Burnaby, heading out to Granville Island was a day-trip! Now that school's over, I should really start taking advantage of the fact that Granville Island is a mere bus ride away!

  Knowing that we were going to Granville Island, we settled on Edible Canada at the Market for last Saturday's brunch. Edible Canada seems like THE place for brunch on Granville Island, it's always packed with locals and tourists alike! 


Gluten-free Fish & Chips $22
Ocean Wise cod, citrus tartar, hand-cut fries, organic salad
4.5/5 stars

  This wasn't explicitly advertised as GF, but it was indicated as gluten-free on the menu!! You have no idea how happy this made me. The fact that gluten-free fish & chips is even a thing...*happy dance*

  The fact that it was oceanwise just made it that much better. The batter was divinely crispy, with no grease to speak of! The fries were similarly delicious in that they were crispy whilst maintaining a crunch around the edge. 

Housemade Granola $5
Spiced dates, Fraser Valley yogurt, vanilla honey, fresh citrus
4/5 stars

  Jeremy also ordered a yogurt parfait at The Oakwood last week, and he concluded that they were similar in both taste and texture. The yogurt; tart and sweet, was a delightful contrast to the savouriness of the housemade granola. 

Classic Eggs Benny $17
Johnston's Kessler ham, hollandaise, sourdough focaccia, fried smashed potatoes, grilled tomato
4/5 stars

  A staple on any brunch menu, and a default order for many. Jeremy, being the benny connoisseur that he is, deemed this to be good, but not unlike every other benny's he's had. The ham was quality ham indeed, with the smashed potatoes being notably crispy on the outside.

Being the coffee addict that he is; free refills are welcome!

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