The Fish Shack

  I'M FREE!! That's right, FA-REEE!

  4 finals, 3 papers, 2 assignments, 1 presentation = a hellish 4 weeks.

  I'm just glad 3rd year's over with. I took two semesters off during my first year...if I hadn't I would be graduating by now (with Jeremy and everyone else who's the same age as me.) No regrets doeee.

  So it's technically "summer" for me now! So what are my (or should I say our) plans this summer? (Granted we do most of this on a daily basis already.)

  Sleeping in past noon (more like Jeremy sleeping until 1 while I go for my ritualistic morning walk around Point Grey) brunches and sushi galore; eating Luna & Larry's curbside; pennyboarding around Kits; going on one too many Whole Foods runs; weekly visits to see the parentals in Burnaby; being #travelgoals (jk...we do plan on doing some travelling tho.)

  Don't worry, blogging is on the agenda too!

   Anyways, we went for fish & chips at the Fish Shack the other day because that visit to Edible Canada clearly wasn't enough to appease my F&C craving.

  Fish & chips are so emblematic of summer, no? I would be perfectly content eating gluten-free fish & chips for the rest of my natural born life (why yes...I am that fond of deep fried substances.)

  Get this: the oysters at the Fish Shack are only a buck a shuck, ALL DAY ERR DAYY (meaning it isn't limited to just happy hour!) AND...they have AYCE mussels on Sundays for only $30/a person!

Oysters - A buck a shuck!
4/5 stars

  At only a $1 each at any given time during the day, you don't have to hold back for the sake of your wallet. The oysters themselves were fresh and juicy, and we thoroughly enjoyed their house made sauces!

 Gluten-free 2 Piece Lingcod $16.95
4/5 stars

  Even if you aren't gluten free I highly suggest that you order their GF version because the batter is honestly so much better (and it's the same price!) It's much lighter and tempura-like. Crispier too (you can tell just by looking at the picture!)  This came with a heaping amount of cajun chips (which was very reminiscent of five guys I must say.)

2 Piece Lingcod w/ Kimchi Style Coleslaw $16.95
3.5/5 stars

  Jeremy opted for their regular 2 piece lingcod. You take your pick of coleslaw: kimchi style, apple horseradish, or kimchi vinaigrette. Curiously enough, we actually found the regular fish and chips to be more heavily battered then the gluten-free one. Nonetheless, the fish was delicious in that the exterior was silky and not oily in the least. 


Deep fried anything calls for some ice cold coke.

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