Nulife Cafe - Organic, Raw Vegan in Coquitlam!

  We all have that one vegan friend. My "one" vegan friend also happens to be my best friend. I'm always psyched to hang out with her because she takes me to the coolest spots. So when she tipped me off about NuLife near her house, you know we had to go!

  NuLife is a raw vegan cafe...hold up...raw vegan in the suburbs of...Coquitlam? Yup, you can now get quality (and I mean quality) vegan in the heart of Coquitlam. Not only that...everything at Nulife Cafe is organic too! 100% organic!

  (Almost) everything at Nulife has nuts in it, so I had to be extra cautious with ordering. I notified them about my allergy and stressed no cross-contamination. So I was surprised when my food came with a slice of cashew bread. When I told the waitress she simply took out the piece of the bread. Honestly, I wasn't comfortable with the fact that nuts had already touched my food (I didn't want to die that day) so I asked her to remake it and she graciously did!

Organic Herb Marinara Kelp Noodles $15
4.5/5 stars

  Wowerz. One of the best noodle dishes I've had in a longgg time. Nevermind that they weren't even actual noodles (the noodles were made out of kelp!) I loved the texture; elastic and chewy. The sauce was scrumptious; tangy, garlicky, and mildly spicy. This also came with a generous serving of organic salad on the side, which was dressed in a delicious, garlicky dressing!

Green Gorilla Smoothie Bowl
4/5 stars

  Julie had the Green Gorilla Smoothie Bowl, and it seemed like she enjoyed it because she finished it in its entirety! It was topped with a generous amount of nuts and freshly cut organic fruit; yum!

Green Gorilla Smoothie
4/5 stars

  I had the green gorilla in smoothie form, and it was similarly delicious! Spirulina gives the smoothie its bright algae colour. The banana flavour was pretty strong, but it didn't overpower the other components of the drink! 

(Click to Enlarge.)

We went to Ninja Bubble Tea after and I got an XL Honey Green Tea hehehe.
Let me tell ya, XL boba is the best.thing.ever.

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  1. Need moar pics of the vegan!!

    1. "The" vegan? Are you referring to my friend??

  2. Not a vegen really, but that DOES look delicious. Those kelp noodles just made my mouth water, a bit. (Hungry, and looking at pictures of food). My friend (who is also a vegen) and I've been browsing LA venue for good food, and this is pretty much the best thing to do right? Looking for good food. Cheers!


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