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  Everyone has those days...days where you really, really miss your parents. Yea, call me immature if you will. A daddy's girl. Over-reliance on one's parents is not an attractive trait, Selina.


  But some days, you just really need that extra reassurance from your mom, telling you it's going to be okay. Cause no matter how hard other people try (and I do appreciate their efforts) it's just not the same...yenno?

  And parents aren't dead (even though I'm making it sound like they are.) Nor are they on another continent.

  They're a mere tri-city away. Me, in Kits; they, in Burnaby.

  Dad; you're always working. And Mom? You're always trying your very, very best.

  Reading this post is making you miss your parents...amirite?

  Anyways, I get to see them a few times a week (within the constraints of their schedules) and I soak up every minute of it. You really begin to appreciate the little things they do for you once you're out in the real world on your own.

  Yea...real life hits you in the face, hard. And I mean hard. (just the thought of it triggers my anxiety.)

  On one of our cherished afternoons together, my mom and I went to Rue 909 Sushi after doing some errands together. Errands that involved going to the Taiwanese embassy and getting our passports redone (long story short...they were stolen.)

  Oh btw, Rue 909 Sushi is located in a super convenient location ~ just steps away from Burrard Skytrain Station, where Cactus Club is!

Teriyaki Beef Lunch Box
3.5/5 stars

  My parents are particularly fond of bento boxes because honestly...who doesn't like a good deal? Boxes give you a taste of everything the restaurant has to offer: a bit of their sushi, a few pieces of tempura here and there, something protein heavy to keep you going. I myself am not that fond of bento boxes, but I can see the appeal. This one was quite good in that the portion was substantial and according to my mom: all the components were remarkably flavourful.

Avocado Rolls
(Yes I had these all to myselfff.)
4/5 stars

  Large pieces of avocado? Check. Minimal rice usage? Passable. Flavourful? Check. As long as the avocado's fresh and there's quite a bit of it, I'm satisfied. I'm not too hard to please really. 

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  1. 4 entire orders of avocado rolls?? Not sure if I can top that!

    1. That's like my signature order at every Japanese restaurant I go to now LOL!!


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