Powell Street Festival 2017 - Largest Japanese Festival in Canada!

  I just awoke from the most amazing sleep I've had in well...a while. I'm telling you, if you sleep in the same bed as someone, you need some heavy duty ear plugs in your life. Like 32 decibels NRR heavy. They're life changing I tell ya.

  I'm a light sleeper who awakes at the slightest sound, whereas Jeremy...well, let's just say he can fall asleep on command. I on the other hand, have the hardest time going back to bed again once I've been awoken.

  Please, a moment of appreciation for all the life-changing, inanimate objects in our complicated, erroneously overbooked lives. Life-changing products of mine include:

1. Aforementioned heavy-duty earplugs (which cost an alarming amount of money, to say the least.)
2. Weleda Skin Food (my equivalent to liquid gold in a tube.)
3. Dr. Bronner's Organic Peppermint Lip Balm (perpetually chapped lips were the bane of my existence.)
4. Lush Mint Juleps Lip Scrub (Kylie Jenner lips anyone?)
5. The GHD Air (salon hair in 3, 2...)

  Okay...this is turning into me listing my must have beauty products (that wasn't the plan btw.) I'll stop now.

  Anyways, the reason I haven't been blogging is that...I don't know. I've just been so out of it as of late. Not on top of my game. Emotionally adrift.

  There's no shame in admitting that I'm struggling a bit...amirite? There's absolutely no shame in that, never let anyone tell you otherwise. You're entitled to your feelings, however intense or debilitating.

  Wow, this post is really turning into tangent worthy material isn't it?

  Anyways (wow, that's my second anyways and I'm only six paragraphs in!) Congratulations Selina, you're officially the most sporadic writer to have ever tread the earth! 

  Anyways...Jeremy & I went to the Powell Street Festival yesterday looking to immerse ourselves in everything the festival had to offer: lovingly made slabs of spam musabi, burn-your-tongue hot takoyaki, homestyle grilled salmon by the Japanese grandma you never had (yes I'm only naming food items to evade accusations of cultural insensitivity. Culture can be a tricky subject to navigate.)

  We went on Saturday but apparently there's sumo wrestling on Sunday (thanks @LotusRapper for tipping me off!)

 Spam Musabi
4/5 stars

  How can one not be inclined to eat spam musabi when it's right in front of your face?! That's what I thought. We haven't had many spam musabis in our lifetime but we sure as heck have had a ton of rice...and spam (as an overweight 12 year old, spam was a staple in said diet.) 

  Being that we both know our rice...and spam, this was a winning dish to say the least! So elementary in execution, it's impossible to screw up.

3.5/5 stars

  Of course we did the expected and ordered takoyaki. Apparently these were tongue searingly hot, so hot they burnt Jeremy's tongue! The takoyaki themselves were modest in size (unlike the ones at the nightmarket) but delicious all the same.

Grilled Salmon w/ Rice
4/5 stars

  Doesn't this remind you of the staple dish I order at Hi Genki? That's right, if you've been a longtime reader of my blog, you'll know what I'm referring to: Salmon Kama! An 'ol standby, a dish so simple it begs to be revisited time and time again. 



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