Hokkaido Ramen Santouka - Broadway Location!!

  At this very moment, seven dollars worth of passably done sweet & sour pork, coupled with a few pieces of hastily fried pork chop...sit in front of me.

  I'll let you guys in on a little secret. Contrary to popular belief (and what my friends believe) I don't eat $$ food on a daily basis. I do however, eat out for every meal. But like most people, I have a budget to stick to.

  One of the (many) reasons I love UBC is the bevy of large-portioned, cheap (read: under $10) food available at your disposable. When I started writing this blog post yesterday I was chowing down on Canto food from the Village. Now I'm in the process of eating beef bolognese pasta from the Soup Kitchen...which cost me a grand total of: wait for it...$8. For this reason alone I want to be a student forever.

  During first year and second year, I rarely ate at school because I was blind to financial responsibility and had a preference for eating at actual "restaurants." Oh, how naive (and decidingly stuck up I was.)

  Nowadays, meals pushing the $30+ mark have become a semi-weekly thing...something I can only really look forward to on my "days off." Dinner is kept under the twenty dollar mark; lunch, fifteen.

  Oh, and in case you're confused: like the photos suggest, I'm incorporating gluten back into my diet. More on this in a future blog post (it's complicated...and yes, I have a lot of explaining to do.)

Read my review on their Robson location here:

4.5/5 stars

  Now this is how tsukemen should be done! The noodles were incredible: thick, bouncy, with bite, they were good enough to eat on its own (which I did.) The broth was silky, dense, and incredibly porky; grabbed on to the noodles beautifully. I ordered the regular size and the portion was larger then expected, definitely worth the $13 I say!


Large Tsukemen ($1 extra)

  Jeremy got the large size for a dollar more, and honestly...we couldn't tell the difference. The difference was minuscule, maybe a bite more? 

Gyoza (May the 3 gyozas that I dropped on the floor RIP.)
4/5 stars

  Nicely done! Evenly charred paper thin skin with a juicy interior to boot, these gyozas were a winner. And yes...I dropped 3 gyozas on the floor (such a fail I know.) I don't abide by the 5 second rule...so I had to kiss those babies goodbye. 

Chicken Kaarage 
4.5/5 stars

  Didn't disappoint...but then again, when does Santouka ever disappoint? Juicy, large cut, and crispy, our only grip was that this didn't come with a million pieces (because we would've happily devoured 20.)

Diggin' the interior! Much less claustrophobic than the Robson location!

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